The 6 Most Fucked Up Chris-chan Drawings

by Dracophile
“Thankfully he had the common courtesy to censor his artwork but that didn’t serve to hide much because we all know how good CWC is at censoring things. He also felt the need to tell us the girl in the middle is ‘half and half’, a slightly more racist way of saying she’s mulatto.”

20 MORE of the Best Tweets from @Horse_ebooks

by Roastmaster
“Reading @Horse_ebooks’ tweets is like reading spam email subject lines that were translated from English to Japanese and back and written by a retarded kid.”

The 20 Best Tweets from @Horse_ebooks

by Roastmaster
“Horse_ebooks, a bot whose products I’m fairly certain revolve around electronic publications of an equestrian nature, is a scripted account of Russian origin whose “filler” tweets may actually be the thoughts of a mad man presented in real time.”