The “Guess the PBS Idea Channel Video” Game

by Roastmaster and Dracophile
“This whole mess started when Dracophile texted me three “titles” of videos from the PBS Idea Channel. He pointed out that two of them were fakes and only one of them was legitimate and my job was to guess which one was correct. Here’s the problem, every single video title sounded like a fucking joke.”

The 8 Worst Pokemon Generation 1 Sprites

by Dracophile
“Fuck everything about Rattata.”

5 Video Game Industry Scams (That Should Be Illegal)

by Dracophile
“The American economy is circling the toilet right now but one thing is absolutely certain: we need another video game market crash. This has to end, and the only way to stomp it out for good is to make it end in the most spectacularly destructive way imaginable.”

Shame Is Plastic: 6 Gaming Peripherals of Dubious Quality (Uncut)

by Dracophile
“I honestly forgot how poorly the Mega CD handled video compression; it’s like I’m staring at an over-compressed GIF image of a shirtless Wahlberg rapping about Sunkist. I have a giant TV now, something I only dreamt of in the nineties, and good lord does this thing look atrocious on my television. It looks like someone added bacon bits to a lentil soup and dumped it on top of a Powerpoint presentation.”

11 MORE Awesome Items Minecraft Needs

by Dracophile
“In between us doing the initial work for the first article and completing the content for today’s article the indie game developer has produced an official 1.8 release as well as a 1.9 pre-release rife with things like snowmen wearing pumpkins on their heads.”

11 Awesome Items Minecraft Needs

by Dracophile
“In a market saturated with needlessly complex bullshit here’s a game where you can just stack a bunch of blocks together that look like a house and let it get blasted by lightning or filled with lava by online griefers wearing giant dongs as a custom player skin.”

Why You Should Never Buy a $20 Sega Saturn

by Dracophile
“This was bad but if you can believe it, and I know you will because if I led with “full of dead bugs” anything I say past this point will sound plausible, it got worse from there.”

REVIEW: Sushi-Go-Round (DS)

by Dracophile
“This game is the steamiest turd you can imagine covered in rice and rolled in seaweed paper. I’m not even going to justify its existence with an elaboration of that opinion.”

The 6 Most Valuable Games of All Time (Quantified By NBA Live ’95)

by Dracophile
“Just how many copies of this crappy basketball game would it take to equal the value of just one copy (and in many cases the only copy) of the most sought after games out there? Let’s find out.”

The 6 Worst Xbox Achievements Ever

by Dracophile
“Otis calls you when he sees any survivor and he generally doesn’t seem to tell you whether they’re a psychopathic boss or a stranded shopper. You have to answer every call, not just the ones where he says ‘so I saw a lady getting double teamed in the women’s restroom in the East Wing you should go check it out’.”