Edmund K. Lo: The Greatest Actor You’ve Never Heard Of

by Roastmaster
“Lo is not my favorite actor because of his Oscar-deserving (and invisible) role in High School Musical 2; Lo is my favorite actor because of his ongoing role in the pseudo-documentary Edmund K. Lo: I Am a Real Actor You Guys, Seriously.”

8 Things Blockbuster Video Doesn’t/Won’t Tell You

by Dracophile
“VideoGuard is no longer sold/offered but the functionality is still there because the system is old as fuck so telling them to put it in the field will abstain you from surprise late fees and charges.”

A Lesson in History

by Dracophile
“How? The teacher said to try the questions. She didn’t say to try them the right way. If you turned in this assignment with answers provided, any answer, you received credit for it.”