Twilight Foundry’s “Best Sonic Site Award – Great Job!”

by Dracophile and Lewis
“I guess in a sense it’s Foundry canon and there’s a story behind it just like every other bogus artifact from our bygone years. Since I am the only remaining member of Twilight Foundry’s original cast I guess the responsibility to tell this story falls upon me, right?”

The 6 Most Fucked Up Chris-chan Drawings

by Dracophile
“Thankfully he had the common courtesy to censor his artwork but that didn’t serve to hide much because we all know how good CWC is at censoring things. He also felt the need to tell us the girl in the middle is ‘half and half’, a slightly more racist way of saying she’s mulatto.”

7 Wacky Things People Sent Me Via MSN

by Dracophile
“It doesn’t matter what it is, the Internet — specifically the furry fandom — will find it, drawn porn of it, and then put it in a diaper and make it do a heel click.”

REVIEW: Sonic Jam (

by Dracophile
“Sonic Jam is a vortex of pure blackened shit that sucks the fun out of anything within twenty feet of it.”

The Worst BattleBot Design Ever

by Dracophile
“When my extremely robust eMachines PC finally opened the image I was greeted with a desktop sized picture — unfortunately it wasn’t a BattleBot design. What blasted me in the face can only be described as something from the bowels of the Internet itself.”

The Sonic Playset Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of terrible Sonic the Hedgehog sprite comics,

The Adventures of Team Nigga Awesome-O Genius Nigga Go!!!!!

by Cyko Vision
A complete collection of the web comic “The Adventures of Team Nigga Awesome-O Genius Nigga Go!!!!!”