5 Video Game Industry Scams (That Should Be Illegal)

by Dracophile
“The American economy is circling the toilet right now but one thing is absolutely certain: we need another video game market crash. This has to end, and the only way to stomp it out for good is to make it end in the most spectacularly destructive way imaginable.”

St. Joseph’s Indian School Just Sent Me Shitloads of Gifts

by Roastmaster
“You know what’s great about charities involving kids? When those kids send you those letters talking about how great their 11 cents a day rice tastes.”

How I Made A Zillion Bucks Spouting Bullshit Online

by Dracophile
“Multi-level marketing does nothing but prey upon your friends because they’re seriously the only market that you can reach out to sell pre-fab trash and if you’re a decent friend you wouldn’t badger your mates with worthless adult toys, skin lotions, and computer “cleaning” programs that probably do nothing but install spyware that turns all of their desktop icons into Tupperware bowls.”