The 144 Stupidest “New gTLD” Domains

by Roastmaster
“The issue here isn’t that these domains are stupid, it’s that whomever came up with this list of suggestions did not know when to stop and now there are literally almost one thousand of these terrible fucking ideas in the pipeline.”

5 Video Game Industry Scams (That Should Be Illegal)

by Dracophile
“The American economy is circling the toilet right now but one thing is absolutely certain: we need another video game market crash. This has to end, and the only way to stomp it out for good is to make it end in the most spectacularly destructive way imaginable.”

Counterfeit Spyro the Dragon Posters

by Dracophile
“At that very moment in time I realized that this whole transaction was going to be some kind of trainwreck of bad and when those posters arrived it would be beneficial to my well-being to just mark that thing “RETURN TO SENDER” and get my money back.”

REVIEW: Super Chinese (NES)

by Dracophile
“How hard can it be to make easy controls for a system that only has 2 buttons on the controller? Pretty fucking hard it seems.”