3 Gay-Unrelated Reasons I Hate Chick-Fil-A

by Dracophile
“They’re just silly uneducated livestock standing around making a lot of noise while attempting to avoid the inevitable fate that comes for all of us. Fuck, that statement was more of an analogy than I was intending.”

St. Joseph’s Indian School Just Sent Me Shitloads of Gifts

by Roastmaster
“You know what’s great about charities involving kids? When those kids send you those letters talking about how great their 11 cents a day rice tastes.”

5 Apocalypses I’ve Survived In My Lifetime

by Dracophile
“We’ve had hundreds of occurrences of 6/6/06, so what makes the 2006 edition of it so special? Absolutely nothing; it’s like saying July 7, 2007 is the prime date to hit up Vegas or that September 11th is a great day to have a terrori- holy shit.”

The Problem with Pokemon

by Dracophile
“Pokemon was a “big thing” in the late nineties and as you can imagine these Bible-thumpers were all over this opportunity to tell the world how Satanic and evil Pokemon were because church-going kids were yet again distracted from a boring as hell book.”

Harriet Carter Grab Bag #2

by Dracophile
“The message reads: ‘God danced the day you were born.’ Now, not to sound rude but what the hell is that supposed to mean?”