11 MORE Awesome Items Minecraft Needs

by Dracophile
“In between us doing the initial work for the first article and completing the content for today’s article the indie game developer has produced an official 1.8 release as well as a 1.9 pre-release rife with things like snowmen wearing pumpkins on their heads.”

11 Awesome Items Minecraft Needs

by Dracophile
“In a market saturated with needlessly complex bullshit here’s a game where you can just stack a bunch of blocks together that look like a house and let it get blasted by lightning or filled with lava by online griefers wearing giant dongs as a custom player skin.”

REVIEW: Nanoquest (PC)

by Dracophile
“…he walks up to the 6-way power strip and literally unplugs the shrink machine. A giant chamber capable of changing the physical properties of matter is also capable of running off of 110 volts of AC current…”

REVIEW: Waddles – The Fangame of the Summer! (PC)

by kraZy
“This was supposed to be a game review but that would require a game instead of a ten minute long Powerpoint presentation.”

The Viridian Room Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
Edited screenshots from the computer game of the same name.

The Crimson Room Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
“The chat soon turned sour when future forum administrator chiZ grew tired of actually playing the game and instead made some edited screengrabs.”