Excerpts From The Sharperer Image

by Dracophile
“Airport security isn’t the worst thing about flying, in fact walking past a row of apathetic and self-hating people of various heights and weights is almost like walking through a carnival house of mirrors in a sense. The worst thing about flying? Fucking SkyMall.”

The Danger Signs Collection

by The RFSHQ Forum
A collection of gimmick danger signs to save your life.

Walmart Employee Codes

by Dracophile
“Code Transit: A person weighing over 400 pounds has burned out the motor in one of the electric shopping carts.”

Tetanus Warning

by TWX
“What I am about to tell you is 100% true, only the facts have been modified. Our city is currently experiencing and epidemic known as Tetanus.”

The Viridian Room Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
Edited screenshots from the computer game of the same name.

The Windows Errors Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of joke Windows errors.

At the Movies with RFSHQ

by Steel Pinata
“Passion of the Christ 2: Rise of the Machines”

The Motivational Posters Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of demotivational posters to cure your depression.

The #1 Reason to Rent Movies Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of images making fun of a Movie Gallery ad campaign.

The Tube

by RKPTJg and Dracophile
“There was a long silence as Eric looked into the paper shredder and Lewis bled profusely from his nose. Then all of the Chinese employees started laughing and clapping.”