The 7 Freakiest Pokemon Generation 1 Glitches

by Dracophile
“Check Bulbasaur’s moveset. Every attack will be Explosion. Can you guess the hex value of this move? I’m sure you can by now; it’s like a bad Jim Carrey movie.”

Hands-on: Nintendo’s Virtual Boy II

by Dracophile
“The Virtual Boy II gave Fils-Aime the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.”

REVIEW: Kid Icarus (NES)

by Draacophile
“…most of your journey will be spent jumping from block to block trying to keep Pit from falling all while snakes rain from platforms not on the screen yet and flying one eyed monsters with noclip enabled charge at you.”

I Beta Test Games in the Year ‘Ruhy’

by Dracophile
“Dude Your Like 20-39 Well I’m 13!!!!! I Know More Then You!! I Have Every Consloe In The World!!!! And Alll The Next-next-next-gen Games!!!!!!!”