Edmund K. Lo: The Greatest Actor You’ve Never Heard Of

by Roastmaster
“Lo is not my favorite actor because of his Oscar-deserving (and invisible) role in High School Musical 2; Lo is my favorite actor because of his ongoing role in the pseudo-documentary Edmund K. Lo: I Am a Real Actor You Guys, Seriously.”

Nickellennium Retrospective: Dracophile’s Book of the Future

by Dracophile
“I bought a copy of this book secondhand and one of two things was going to happen, either it was going to be filled out by someone already and I could make fun of his (or her) thoughts on the future or it would be blank and I could scribble in some witty banter on my own time. Turns out both are true!”

The 00’s: Worst. Decade. Ever.

by Dracophile
“2010 is important because it means that quite literally the worst decade in the history of decades, the aptly named “Double Zeroes” (because it fails twice as hard), is over.”

The Doug Collection

by The RFSHQ Forum