5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Be Mad at Netflix

by Dracophile and Roastmaster
“The point is you can do so much more with a Netflix-enabled device anywhere in the whole entire world than you ever could by sitting in front of your ridiculous 3DTV watching Paula Deen shit butter into a Tupperware bowl.”

Hands-on: Nintendo’s Virtual Boy II

by Dracophile
“The Virtual Boy II gave Fils-Aime the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.”

“PokeGod” MissingNo. Laid Off By Nintendo

by Dracophile
“Legendary Pokemon Red and Blue cast member MissingNo was officially relieved of his duties by developer Game Freak with the North American release of Pokemon Black and White, officially ending his 15-year streak as a back-end crew member of the games.”