Energizing Energy Drinks: Redemption (Part 5)

by Dracophile
“Whatever mental image you have of a ‘gyrating grape’ keep it to yourself. This shit’s like 5 Gum, everyone experiences it differently but no one is happy with it.”

6 Stupefyingly Bad Album Covers

by Dracophile
“For a band who is clearly trying to sell something based on shock value they could at least make sure they spelled “bestiality” correctly before emblazoning their fucking album cover with it.”

Taco BuenOH-NO

by Dracophile
“Yeah, after ingesting the other ‘food’ on the plate I decided to pass on the lettuce, because it was just that, lettuce. Nothing more, and nothing else, just hastily shredded grass.”

The Taco Bell Hot Sauce Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of joke Taco Bell hot sauce packets, plus one that actually exists.