The 144 Stupidest “New gTLD” Domains

by Roastmaster
“The issue here isn’t that these domains are stupid, it’s that whomever came up with this list of suggestions did not know when to stop and now there are literally almost one thousand of these terrible fucking ideas in the pipeline.”

The 6 Furriest Shirts from The Mountain

by Komodo88
“When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. Also, the abyss is actually a fox.”

CopOut Teaches People About Tracy Morgan, Dead Memes, et al.

by Dracophile
“Perhaps if the group of people discovering new memes weren’t already mind-obliteratingly shallow and socially retarded to begin with their virgin exploration of the Intertubes would be forgivable and cute, but no, when you’re surrounded by people like this all day as they skate to class and jam out to Sublime non-stop you tend to wish the worst for them.”

What My “Your Life Playlist” Says About My Life

by Dracophile
“By this point you’re probably assuming that all I own are Toad the Wet Sprocket albums.”

I Killed Mr. Six

by Dracophile
“In one week the site skyrocketed to the #31 Most Viewed YTMND of all time, just one rank short of being on the first page of top viewed YTMNDs. People had begun to make parodies of the work too such as the site, an 8-bit remix of the original.”

The Magnetic Jingoist Ribbon Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums