3 Gay-Unrelated Reasons I Hate Chick-Fil-A

by Dracophile
“They’re just silly uneducated livestock standing around making a lot of noise while attempting to avoid the inevitable fate that comes for all of us. Fuck, that statement was more of an analogy than I was intending.”

Team Impact: 2% Parlor Tricks, 98% Church Sermon

by Roastmaster
“You don’t even know you’re seeing a religious sermon until about half way through the show when the hos-I mean, when the preacher mentions that we should all pray so that Muscles McPecs can fit the entire golf club up his ass.”

6 Stupefyingly Bad Album Covers

by Dracophile
“For a band who is clearly trying to sell something based on shock value they could at least make sure they spelled “bestiality” correctly before emblazoning their fucking album cover with it.”

REVIEW: Eliminator Boat Duel (NES)

by Dracophile
“Let’s get something straight first. See that green alligator? I like him. Now that we have covered what I like about this game, let’s discuss the games bad points.”