The 12 Worst Search Terms Used To Find

by Dracophile
“Google gives me more information than I can be bothered to learn how to interpret so I really only pay attention to the search terms; there are some people out there looking for some seriously fucked up things and for inexplicable reasons they are finding in their results.”

Twilight Foundry’s “Best Sonic Site Award – Great Job!”

by Dracophile and Lewis
“I guess in a sense it’s Foundry canon and there’s a story behind it just like every other bogus artifact from our bygone years. Since I am the only remaining member of Twilight Foundry’s original cast I guess the responsibility to tell this story falls upon me, right?”

The 144 Stupidest “New gTLD” Domains

by Roastmaster
“The issue here isn’t that these domains are stupid, it’s that whomever came up with this list of suggestions did not know when to stop and now there are literally almost one thousand of these terrible fucking ideas in the pipeline.”

5 Completely Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Furries

by Dracophile
“Furries can be notoriously hard to shop for. After all, what exactly are you supposed to get someone whose hobbies include masturbating to The Secret of Nimh and dressing up like a fox?”

20 MORE of the Best Tweets from @Horse_ebooks

by Roastmaster
“Reading @Horse_ebooks’ tweets is like reading spam email subject lines that were translated from English to Japanese and back and written by a retarded kid.”

The 20 Best Tweets from @Horse_ebooks

by Roastmaster
“Horse_ebooks, a bot whose products I’m fairly certain revolve around electronic publications of an equestrian nature, is a scripted account of Russian origin whose “filler” tweets may actually be the thoughts of a mad man presented in real time.”

How I Made A Zillion Bucks Spouting Bullshit Online

by Dracophile
“Multi-level marketing does nothing but prey upon your friends because they’re seriously the only market that you can reach out to sell pre-fab trash and if you’re a decent friend you wouldn’t badger your mates with worthless adult toys, skin lotions, and computer “cleaning” programs that probably do nothing but install spyware that turns all of their desktop icons into Tupperware bowls.”

I Fucking Love

by Roastmaster
“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t watch very many Aliens, Predator, or Aliens vs. Predator movies. As far as I’m concerned the only thing either franchise has given to the world are the phrase ‘get to the chopper’ and weird alien egg fetishes.”

6 Awesome (and Extinct) Things from Public School

by Dracophile
“If your idea of ‘healthy’ is feeding money into a machine so you can stuff your face with ten bags of hot fries and make an edible Fleshlight out of chocolate donuts then that is your problem my friend, and I shouldn’t have to pay for your coronary nightmare.”

I HATE Selling On Craigslist

by Dracophile
“weel beings how you sir couldnt trust me for 25.00 and i just bought 2 mini REAL horses.and a goat. and a 1999 chrysler mini van yesterday even.wih no money down Keep your xbox 360 non working junk.i pass”