Energizing Energy Drinks Part 4

by Dracophile
“…a quick browsing of the ingredients on the side of the can reveals pear, apple, pineapple, passion fruit, and mango. All of this, and of course the fact that there is only 10% juice, the other 90%, mind you, is bullshit.”

Taco BuenOH-NO

by Dracophile
“Yeah, after ingesting the other ‘food’ on the plate I decided to pass on the lettuce, because it was just that, lettuce. Nothing more, and nothing else, just hastily shredded grass.”

The Nutrisystem Challenge Part 3

by Dracophile
“If this were the only thing in my pantry I’d starve to death. I’d eat my left hand before I’d eat some of this crap.”

The Nutrisystem Challenge Part 2

by Dracophile
“A smell similar to a Pizza Hut exploding filled the computer area of my room. It smelled like pure garlic and salt, like if Super Mario himself farted in my face.”

Energizing Energy Drinks Part 3

by Dracophile
“I am fairly certain that [Jump’s] can is attempting to use its artwork and one word title to instruct the dinosaurs on what they should have done when the meteor was coming.”

Energizing Energy Drinks Part 1

by Dracophile and FpS ref1ex
“The second the can depressurized, I was discouraged from continuing this article.”

The Nutrisystem Challenge Part 1

by Dracophile
“It’s God’s gift to mankind for us to figure out how to make pretzels. In fact Jesus actually showed up in some bakery and said to this one guy “Hey if you twist this bread like this, bake it, and throw salt on it, you’ll be a millionaire!” I believe that because it’s true.”

The It Came From UpUrs Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of random images uploaded to the UpUrs hosting service.

The Jones Soda Thanksgiving 2005 Challenge

by Dracophile
“There is no God. 0/10”

The Taco Bell Hot Sauce Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of joke Taco Bell hot sauce packets, plus one that actually exists.