DragonPlay: Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award

by Dracophile
“DragonPlay, a game that can best be described as ‘a complete Club Penguin rip-off with dragons’ and worst described as ‘Yahtzee with letters on all the dice’, does not fall into the category of things that I find pleasing.”

The RFS Quote Generator

by derverger
“I don’t think a forum devoted to letting 13 year olds give each other medical advice is even legal.”

REVIEW: Waddles – The Fangame of the Summer! (PC)

by kraZy
“This was supposed to be a game review but that would require a game instead of a ten minute long Powerpoint presentation.”

The Club Penguin Hacking Prank

by Squirrel007 and Dracophile

The It Came From UpUrs Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums
A collection of random images uploaded to the UpUrs hosting service.