5 Hilariously Awful Counterfeit Lego Cars

by Dracophile and FpS ref1ex
“Donut came with a bag of parts, a couple of ‘POLICE’ stickers, and some instructions whose first two steps were ‘put the wheels on, then flip the thing over, because I guess you need two steps for that.”

Weaponizers: A Failed Experiment in Special Effects

by Dracophile
“At this point I’d like to remind you not only did this actually air on national television, it was also touted as ‘real vehicular combat’. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.”

Right Front Suspension

by Dracophile
“Instructors came in two flavors: a cool black guy that would buy you a 44oz soda at the gas station and a large white woman that would buy herself donuts. Obviously, you wanted to ride with the black guy whenever you could…”

The Magnetic Jingoist Ribbon Collection

by The RFSHQ Forums