The McDonald’s BattleBots Toys: Reviewed & Deconstructed

by Dracophile
“There is nothing about Mac Attack that I like. I get that it’s supposed to be a joke robot and it’s not to be taken seriously because it is literally a hamburger with saw blades and I accept that, what I’m more upset about is McDonald’s sticking their dick into a franchise’s toy line when they have no business acting as such.”

BattleBots “MiniBots” Toy Collection/Review

by Dracophile
“I feel that they’ve never been given proper attention since there were admittedly bigger and better toys out there by Hasbro and Jakks Pacific that actually did things and featured moving parts and all that so this line was overshadowed and forgotten. Hopefully I can do the MiniBots justice by showcasing some of my favorites from my own personal collection.”

The 10 Literal Worst BattleBots of All Time

by Dracophile
“If you have a thwackbot and it loses to another thwackbot then Bil Dwyer is allowed to come to your house and personally kick you in the dick. It’s in the BattleBots rules, I swear.”

The 7 Most One-sided Fights in BattleBots History

by Dracophile
“…Nightmare erased Slam Job from history. Had this fight not been videotaped nobody would even know the robot ever existed. Not even the driver.”

KILLER ROBOTS / RoboGames 2011 Commentary

by Dracophile
“Had this been BattleBots, Bil Dwyer would have said that within nanoseconds and then taken his shirt off and started screaming at his co-hosts.”

Weaponizers: A Failed Experiment in Special Effects

by Dracophile
“At this point I’d like to remind you not only did this actually air on national television, it was also touted as ‘real vehicular combat’. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.”

The Best of BattleBots Update: Season Two

by Dracophile
“Ginsu was a box covered in saw blades that started to fall apart with chains and axles hanging out all over the place. What was the solution for this in season two? Add more saws, add more chains, and add more axles. “

The Best of BattleBots Update: Season One

by Dracophile
“I believe the exact moment Killerhurtz lost control of its weapon was when Mauler tore it off and threw it at the wall.”

The Worst BattleBot Design Ever

by Dracophile
“When my extremely robust eMachines PC finally opened the image I was greeted with a desktop sized picture — unfortunately it wasn’t a BattleBot design. What blasted me in the face can only be described as something from the bowels of the Internet itself.”

Stickbotics: The Complete Series

by TWX
A complete collection of Stickbotics GIFs.