All’s Quiet At Sunrise Mall

by Dracophile
“I’ll do my best to present this tour of a living-dead mall in a humorous light though it’s kind of hard to do so when you’re explaining how grand a place where you spent your childhood used to be.”

CopOut Teaches People About Tracy Morgan, Dead Memes, et al.

by Dracophile
“Perhaps if the group of people discovering new memes weren’t already mind-obliteratingly shallow and socially retarded to begin with their virgin exploration of the Intertubes would be forgivable and cute, but no, when you’re surrounded by people like this all day as they skate to class and jam out to Sublime non-stop you tend to wish the worst for them.”

The Problem with Pokemon

by Dracophile
“Pokemon was a “big thing” in the late nineties and as you can imagine these Bible-thumpers were all over this opportunity to tell the world how Satanic and evil Pokemon were because church-going kids were yet again distracted from a boring as hell book.”

The 1990’s Music Industry Rewarded Laziness

by Dracophile
“You’re supposed to be paying attention to me. Stop listening to those Ace of Base songs, please, so I can continue with this pointless article.”

The Doug Collection

by The RFSHQ Forum