Twilight Foundry Robotics


The (motor)sport of robot combat hit its peak at around the same time Twilight Foundry was coming into fruition. Naturally, the two would have some crossover given that many of the group’s members were tinkerers and programmers. The Foundry dabbled so much in robot combat that for a brief period of time, 2003 – 2004, the group was officially known as “Twilight Foundry Robotics”.

Creations from Twilight Foundry Robotics were constructed and/or operated by Dracophile and Dr. Inferno with many of the other team members helping out on occasion. Twilight Foundry Robotics was the organizer of “Battle Clash”, an open-class robot combat tournament held in South Texas in 2001 and 2002. More information about Battle Clash (and an archive of its related content) can be found HERE.

Below, a listing of every Twilight Foundry Robotics creation is provided. Click on any robot’s name to be taken to an information page with stats, pictures, and videos (where available).

Euro Antweight (150 grams)

Keep Back 500 Meters

Antweight (1 pound)

Keep Back 500 Feet
Super Turbo Baby Puncher

Beetleweight (3 pounds)

Kill Switch

Hobbyweight (12 pounds)

Super Terminal Impact [Tentative]

LEGO MindStorms

Tha Thumperizer

Open Class Combat

Android 17
Crash Override 880
Hammerhead (2001)
Hammerhead (2015)
Kill Switch (2015)
Metalhead (2001)
Metalhead (2015)
Red Dragon
Terminal Impact (2001)
Terminal Impact (2015)

Miscellaneous Projects

Twilight Foundry Super Truck