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The contents of this website stretch as far back as 2001 and reach across several websites, former and current alike. Understandably, this is going to result in an extremely large amount of stuff to contain in just one place. Twilight Foundry has grown considerably since its humble beginnings as an early 2000’s video game riffing group and in an effort to keep our content easily accessible we’ve structured our website’s categories in a very specific manner. It’s not perfect, but it’s WordPress.

First, you might notice the category system at the bottom of each post contains a mixture of recognizable terms as well as abbreviations such as “TX” and “AR”. These prefixes are used to organize postings across multiple levels of browsing. They are defined as:

  • AR / Archive: The post was originally published at the website/publication specified.
  • PR / Project: The post describes a past project (website) that is no longer available online.
  • TX / Text: The post is a text article in the category shown.
  • SH / Show: The post contains a video from the series listed after the prefix.

Additionally we’ve installed a special plugin for our tables to allow you to more easily browse, sort, and find out more information about the articles and postings contained here. You will see these tables in the pages linked in the “Content” menu above. A sample of one such table can be found here:

Date Source Article Author
[Original Publication] [Original Source] [Title of Article] [Original Author]
02/18/2014 Twilight Foundry This Content Page, Right Here Dracophile

The final way you can browse content is by clicking on a category name from the menu on the right-hand side of the page. This does not provide an easily sortable table like the Content pages do, but it will quickly show you the newest content in each of these directories. If you have a favorite section or just want to see if there’s anything new in an archive, these links may come in handy. Generally, however, there will probably be several dozen articles in these directories; for the easiest and most efficient viewing experience possible we ask that you use the Content pages for casual browsing and navigation rather than the category directories.

Again, thank you for stopping by our humble home on the web. The menu at the top of the page will be your best friend in finding your way around.