The Best of Twilight Foundry

Twilight Foundry has been around for well over a decade and in this time we’ve seen a number of talented creative minds come through our doors dropping content off willy-nilly. It goes without saying that in this mess of articles, videos, and productions some of them are going to be pretty groundbreaking or noteworthy. There’s a lot to go through in the Twilight Foundry Archives so if you’re looking for our best stuff we’ve spared you the headache and have done the work for you. This page is a catalog of the very best our cast members have put together since 2001.

Date Source Article Author
02/24/2012 GatorAIDS An Autistic's Guide to Scary TV Production Logos Roastmaster
02/10/2012 GatorAIDS The 7 Most One-sided Fights in BattleBots History Dracophile
02/03/2012 VentureBeat Shame Is Plastic: 6 Gaming Peripherals of Dubious Quality Dracophile
01/19/2012 GatorAIDS St. Joseph's Indian School Just Sent Me Shitloads of Gifts Roastmaster
12/11/2011 GatorAIDS Edmund K. Lo: The Greatest Actor You've Never Heard Of Roastmaster
12/03/2011 GatorAIDS The 6 Most Fucked-Up Chris Chan Drawings Dracophile
09/14/2011 GatorAIDS Team Impact: 2% Parlor Tricks, 98% Church Sermon Roastmaster
09/11/2011 GatorAIDS Why You Should NEVER Buy a $20 Sega Saturn Dracophile
08/21/2011 GatorAIDS All's Quiet at Sunrise Mall Dracophile
07/20/2011 BitMob 5 Things Kinect Can't Do (That Project Natal Said It Could) Dracophile
07/01/2011 GatorAIDS I Fucking LOVE Roastmaster
06/13/2011 BitMob The 6 Most Valuable Games of All Time (Quantified By NBA Live '95) Dracophile
06/02/2011 GatorAIDS KILLER ROBOTS/RoboGames 2011 Commentary Dracophile
03/22/2010 GatorAIDS Weaponizers: A Failed Experiment in Special Effects Dracophile
02/22/2010 GatorAIDS REVIEW: The Boom Adapter (N64/PS1) Dracophile
01/28/2010 Nickellennium Retrospective: Dracophile's Book of the Future Dracophile
01/17/2010 The Problem with Pokemon Dracophile
11/12/2009 DragonPlay: Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award Dracophile
10/20/2009 A Decade After Pokemon: The First Movie Dracophile
09/11/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! (GBC) Dracophile
08/07/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: NanoQuest (PC) Dracophile
05/17/2007 RFSHQ The Club Penguin Hacking Prank Squirrel007
09/29/2006 RFSHQ I Killed Mr. Six Dracophile
04/02/2006 RFSHQ The White Overnite Challenge Dracophile
11/18/2005 RFSHQ I Beta Test Games in the Year 'Ruhy' Dracophile
11/04/2005 RFSHQ Stickbotics: The Complete Series TWX
11/04/2005 RFSHQ Stick Figure Comedy: The Complete Series TWX
06/01/2005 RFSHQ Adventures of Team Nigga, The Cyko Vision
06/05/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Action 52 (NES) Dracophile
05/09/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES) Dracophile