Here at Twilight Foundry we do a lot in the way of writing. For the purposes of keeping things organized and succinct this page catalogs all of the articles produced by us for our current website starting from 2014 onward. You can browse our decade-long archive of back content using the “Archives” menu from the top of the page (under “Content”). Alternatively, you can click any of these links to be magically whisked away to the archives directly: GatorAIDS, RFSHQ, The Twilight Zone, and Miscellaneous Archives. Well over 190 articles are represented in our backlog pages!

Date Source Article Author
09/01/2014 The "Guess the PBS Idea Channel Video" Game Roastmaster
08/29/2014 The 12 Worst Search Terms Used to Find Dracophile
08/24/2014 McDonald's BattleBots Toys: Reviewed & Deconstructed Dracophile
08/08/2014 "Candy Blox" Candy Lego Review Dracophile
07/22/2014 BattleBots "MiniBots" Toy Collection/Review Dracophile
07/01/2014 The 29 Most Distressing Stills from Space Jam Komodo88
06/21/2014 The 10 Literal Worst BattleBots of All Time Dracophile
06/11/2014 The "Best Sonic Site – Great Job!" Award Twilight Foundry
06/04/2014 The 144 Stupidest “New gTLD” Domains Roastmaster