The Gemini Show, created spanning 2004 – 2005, was an eleven episode web series created by Gemini and Advanced Robot Combat / Drowning City Productions. It and Stick Figure Comedy were the website’s first featured web series. The Gemini Show introduced the character “Zombie Mask” who later joined the RFSHQ message boards and continued to portray his character online. The series was known in the fan community for the PC game Robot Arena 2 because of its portrayal of various well-known community members, namely “TDS” (whose name became “Bruce” in later episodes). The Gemini Show lasted one season and ended with a 60-minute movie titled The Show Must Go On.

A complete collection of The Gemini Show episodes is below:

– Gemini

I really hate stupid bullshit assignments given to me just so that the teacher can go fuck around somewhere else. Earlier last week I did something some people would do out of spite, and, I got an A+ on the assignment. How? The teacher said to try the questions. She didn’t say to try them the right way. If you turned in this assignment with answers provided, any answer, you received credit for it. These are the actual answers I used for some of the questions:


The Growing Economic Crisis of the Late 19th Century
2. What were the weaknesses of agreements in stabilizing industry?
My Answer: Lightning

7. From the documents, what inferences can you make about the disastrous effects of the business cycle for corporations?
My Answer: Numbers lol internet SHAZAM

9. Even though Congress passed antitrust legislation, why did corporate leaders try to retain the concept of the trust?
My Answer: They saw it on Pokemon the Movie 2000

10. How did leaders hope to maintain the essence of trusts?
My Answer: By flipping coins

11. How does the relationship of a Board of Trustees with trusts differ from a Board of Directors?
My Answer: It is not gay as long as the balls don’t touch.

12. Research why the 14th Amendment was used to protect a holding company but not a trust.
My Answer: Because we’re Nazis

14. How much economic freedom should society give to an individual. Explain.
My Answer: 37 cents. Because.

15. How do the actions of the gov’t reflect the failure of Morgan’s philosophy?
My Answer: With a mirror

16. Write a thesis statement that explains Morgan’s approach to organizing the economy.
My Answer: Morgan was gay with Bill Cosby and that pelican from the dill pickles jars.


The Philosophy of the Industrialists
2. How does Social Darwinism reinforce laissez-faire?
My Answer: With lots and lots of duct tape

3. How does the Gospel of Wealth help to justify the philosophy of Social Darwinism?

4. State several businesses Rockefeller seems to justify in his comment to Sunday School class.
My Answer: Pimping ho’s

5. How did the cartoonist interpret Rockefeller’s remark?
My Answer: With ink

6a. What does the cartoonist imply was the source of the monopolist’s wealth & power?
My Answer: Jews, candy, MC Hammer, and Arsenio Hall.

6b. What industries does the cartoonist show as protected?
My Answer: concentration camps

6c. What does the booty in the cartoon represent?
My Answer: J Lo

6e. Summarize in a sentence the main idea of this cartoon.
My Answer: Okay.

7. List several major social or economic problems that stem from Social Darwinism
My Answer: High cable rates, AOL, and the name “Social Darwinism”

10. To what extent do you see evidence of individuals employing either or both of the philosophies in today’s society?
My Answer: Dr. Phil wants you to live like a gay woman.

– Dracophile


This is what abstinence leads to.

Have you even been to one of those assemblies at your school where they cram your head full of “don’t have sex or you’ll get the herpes” and other propaganda? I attended one today, same as the old ones. Pictures of “down there” from medical textbooks and what not, standard diagrams and lots of silly Powerpoint effects. After attending the speech I can safely say nothing is funnier than seeing a stock image of the “Parts of the Penis” spin into place.

I myself wasn’t being that much of a jerk here, my friends were but that’s just as good if not better! Our speaker said “What’s the only way to ensure 0% pregnancy?” The guy next to me couldn’t help but blurt out “PULL OUT!”. When it came time for STD’s someone I knew asked about “doing it in the butt”.

Well, our times of fun came to an end. Alas, the speaker passed out this survey which I took two copies of so I could scan it and remake it to post here for you. I filled it all out. I read it over a few times and decided bestiality would be a fun thing to put down on it. So… that’s exactly what I did. When I had told my friends who were sitting elsewhere about this, they were envious as they didn’t even come close.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not desperate enough to pork a pooch, but I will take an opportunity to screw around with people most chances I get. I can’t wait for next year, maybe he’ll address zoophilia! After all, this is Texas you know. Yeehaw.

– Dracophile

There are some things beyond comprehension. Things like nuclear physics, God, Bill Cosby, and Jell-O. There are also things like… dinosaurs mating. Some things should never be put down on paper… but there are always those who wonder, and wonder they will as they create things that no mortal should ever lay untainted eyes on.

The date was 2002, my freshman year in high school. For this story, you need a mental image of how the school hallway is set up. I am at the back of one of 2 hall ways. There is a long sidewalk that connects one to the other in the middle, like an H. I leave my last class, go across the sidewalk, and go in the doors to the other hall way. So in other words now I am at the bottom right of the H, by the exit to the front of the school.

However, when I enter the doors to go into the other hall way, I see someone about 6 feet in front of me, on the other side of the hallway (I am on the left, he is on the right). For his sake, we can just call him “Bob”. We’re both walking forward, he is about 6 feet in front of me and has no idea I am behind him. I’m not planning on starting conversation, so I keep quiet. Bob is what you can say… weird. Someone who knows me but I don’t really hang out with. I have many stories to share about him, but today’s story uppercuts all others.

He drops his things he’s holding (a couple of folders full of papers). When he drops it, all of the papers skid out across the floor. Obviously, he stops to pick them up. I keep walking, we hit dead even and I glance over to see what fell out. It was his drawing notebook. What I saw would haunt me the rest of my life.

I froze in horror, because the drawing that was on top of the stack was a hand drawn picture of two Tyrannosaurus rexes fucking the crap out of each other. I shit you not. TWO DINOSAURS FUCKING EACH OTHER. I froze with my face in disbelief, on the opposite side of the hall way, staring at him frantically scooping papers together. Luckily my presence was unknown to him, even though I was now 3 feet to his left, staring right at him frozen in confusion and terror.

I was unknown, until my pencil falls from behind my ear (I put my pencil between the top of my ear and the side of my head) and hits the ground with a tapping sound that echoes down the hall. Bob immediately freezes, and snaps his head looking directly at me. It was instantaneous, you couldn’t even see his head move when he turned to look at me. He just started at me with these beady little eyes.

I think he knew I saw it, because I still had the same look on my face. I left my pencil and ran; right out the door, into another door, and into the cafeteria… and hid in the crowd of people. The next day, and for 4 months afterwards, I avoided him at all costs. Three more years of school with him, and much more has unfolded. That’s for another day. For now, try getting that mental picture out of your head when you go to sleep.

– Dracophile


When you see it…

My high school is obsessed with football. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. I never show up at the pep rallies. I hate preppies. Those sluts get all the attention. Schools today never focus on the everyday people that attend their hell holes. People like me. People like RFSHQ forumer [b]kickedsomeass[/b]. We’re in Art. There’s no pictures of Art in the yearbook, but there’s 20 pages of cheerleader shit. You think maybe just one of those pages could maybe have something besides pom poms and people in mascot suits?

[Editor’s Note: “kickedsomeass” is Twilight Foundry alum K.S.A.]

God damn, I hate that. I hate football. On game days I purposely wear the other team’s colors to school. Our school’s motto is “Bad To The Bone”, how original. They even have it printed on little dog bones, get it? Get it? It’s funny (no it’s not). Sometimes for big games, like Homecoming, the whole damn school goes in overdrive to be all hyped up over one fucking football game that’s just as boring as the one last week and will suck as much as the one next week.


This didn’t make the yearbook.

The decorating staff puts paper cups in the fencing to look like a dog bone for the “Bad to the bone” motto. It’s annoying. Apparently someone else thinks the same way. They punched out some of the cups and made the dog bone into a bone-ER. Very creative. I thought it was pretty damn funny. I also didn’t think the school knew it had a 4 foot long penis on their fence, which was even more funny than the fact there was a penis on the fence to begin with.

I gladly took pictures of the occurrence to post here, before it was taken down. Apparently the school just doesn’t like our humor today. What a bummer.

– Dracophile


Imagine a Zelda fanfare with a missed note.

Metal detectors, treasure maps, and rumor mills are really interesting; but they tend to… suck. Metal detectors get aggrivating when all you find are pennies and chains. Treasure maps are bullshit. Pirates wouldn’t be that stupid as to leave a big ass red “X” where something is hidden. That’s screaming out “Hey dipshit over here! Dig here! On the X!”. Rumors… do I really need to even verify those?

Nothing beats good ol’ locker hunting at school! When I say locker hunting, I mean opening lockers that don’t belong to you, namely the ones with broken locks that anyone can open. Some people like to go out and buy a combo lock and use it on these, since the school’s combo locks are never correct. It’s all in their scheme to get everyone tardy for class so everyone ends up in detention so the teachers get to sit around and play games all day.

RFSHQ forum user [b]Dinglebats[/b] and I went around locker hunting when lo and behold I found something besides textbooks and rotten burritos. I found a crack pipe. I shit you not, I found a crack pipe. So I did what anyone else would do. I took a picture and wrote about it on the Internet.

The first time I opened the locker I immediately shut it and thought “did I really see that”, and then opened it again. Then I laughed my ass off. I told Dinglebats to get his over here and check out what I found. He laughed too. Then I took pictures of it. And for the record, no I did not take it. And…. I swear it’s not mine. Even though I openly crack jokes (pun intended) I don’t use them.

Stay drug free or else I will find your crack pipes and make fun of you.

– Dracophile