Mind Of Mencia can be a funny show; it’s a favorite of mine (actually I loathe him and his show but you should start articles on a good note). However the host, Carlos Mencia, seems to be hiding from something and is doing a really bad job of it. I suspect that “comedian” Carlos Mencia is a furry, and this is why.

He posts regularly on fchan.

There have been two occasions where he’s either been in a fursuit himself or has had one on the show. The first occurrence is when he is “hosting a children’s show” and is wearing a dinosaur costume. The second was on the “Big Ups To Jesus Day” skit where Jesus was in a Easter Bunny suit. It seems reasonable enough for the show right now. Costumes are costumes, right? Yes, but there’s more evidence.

In the Renaissance Festival episode, Mencia states “…I have to admit, that horse has a nice ass.” That statement alone pretty much voided the big tit jokes from he rest of the skit. Fair enough? Move to the Pet Psychic episode where it is implied Mencia fingered a ‘gay’ dog. I am pretty sure that is illegal in 49 states (the exception being Alabama).

By now you’re probably saying “Draco you’re just making shit up and jumping to conclusions.”

Really now? Well, Mencia is known to make fun of all groups of people. On his show he’s made fun of whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, gays, nerds, retards, people in high power, foreigners, the crippled, and stupid people. He has yet to even come close to throwing insults at furries. Think about it. If he covers all groups and leaves just that one out, there’s something going on.

Nothing against Mencia at all here, I think he’s a funny man (no I don’t, you’re supposed to leave articles on a good note), and now more so that I’m convinced he’s a closet furry.

– Dracophile

Recently, Movie Gallery has been doing this little thing with a “top 20 reasons to rent movies”. The #1 spot is blank because they want you to fill out your own reason and give it to them. They wouldn’t accept mine for some reason, so I took home a blank and had the RFSHQ guys fill one out…


DevilsElbow doesn’t skip any beats.


goose might have an anxiety disorder.


kraZy has accidentally revealed his POWERWORD.


Nightbringer doesn’t understand what “rent” means.



Radio F Software actually wrote this on paper. Who still does that?

– The RFSHQ Forums

So, RFSHQ forum Administrator toAst was venturing the Internet one day and found this Doug comic… so he was all “hay i shuld post it on teh rfshq and stuf”. So he did and we all disassembled it and made it funny.


chiZ was once raped by a guy with blue skin.


Nightbringer is funny from beyond the grave.


panicattacky2k meant to say “Shaggy”… we think.


One of Radio F Software‘s friends was eaten alive by a house.

[Editor’s Note: RFS is referencing the story “The Dionaea House”.]


some kinda zombie is some kinda language translation machineanator.


The court of wherever Spirit is from ordered him into 6 months of rehab.


TheDisturbedOne still has it in him.


Wasabi the J has spent many a night watching USA Up All Night with Gilbert Gottfried.

– The RFSHQ Forum