The Twilight Zone (Archive)

Date: 2001 – 2003
Format: Kitsch comedy, indie programming, combat robotics, and fanfiction

In the infantile weeks of 2001 the four people that would soon comprise the inaugural cast of Twilight Foundry — MASTER, SumDude, Lewis, and PokeFreak (Dracophile) — came together to build a formal website to catalog their work and the antics from their MSN chatroom. The Twilight Zone, as it was called, was their home on the web and showcased everything from gimmick fan art to chatlogs and BattleBots to original browser-based games. Every member of the group had their own page to do whatever they pleased with.

The Twilight Zone closed sometime between 2003 and 2004 when the original Twilight Foundry group split up. They are no longer in contact and unfortunately the Wayback Machine is not a perfect device; because of this the archive for The Twilight Zone is incomplete and is a perpetual work in progress.

Date Source Article Author
XX/XX/2002 The Twilight Zone Assorted BattleBot Designs Various
XX/XX/2002 The Twilight Zone Tha Thumperizer, LEGO MindStorms Legend Various
XX/XX/2001 The Twilight Zone Blast Corps Online SumDude
03/XX/2002 The Twilight Zone Sonic the Hedgehog Hoaxes Lewis
03/01/2002 The Twilight Zone The "Best Sonic Site – Great Job!" Award Twilight Foundry
10/21/2001 The Twilight Zone Dream Matches Dracophile
XX/XX/2001 The Twilight Zone Blast Corps Vehicle Guide Dracophile
01/01/2001 The Twilight Zone The Twilight Foundry Logo SumDude