Date: 2004 – 2008
Format: Comedy blog, combat robotics, and indie gaming platform

RFSHQ (“Radio F Software Headquarters”) began its life as a fansite and community for players of the 2003 PC game Robot Arena 2. After a few months of sporadic activity it shifted gears into a comedy website with satirical NES game reviews becoming its flagship content. RFSHQ continued as a comedy website for four years until one of the website’s directors called it quits over personal issues. Upon their departure the website again made another shift, this time to a creative indie gaming platform, and eventually spun off into TrackMill Games.

While not officially a production of Twilight Foundry (it was created and dissolved during the group’s hiatus) many former and soon-to-be cast members had a hand in RFSHQ’s creation and management. Roastmaster, one of the most prolific writers from the GatorAIDS project, got his start as a community personality at RFSHQ. Derverger, Steel Pinata, and FpS ref1ex also made guest appearances while Dracophile, K.S.A, and Cosmic Audino contributed as then-alum of Twilight Foundry. The RFSHQ project was abandoned in 2008 and was absorbed into the Twilight Foundry archives in 2014.

(Articles denoted with an asterisk were previously unreleased on RFSHQ. Articles whose titles are struck-through are currently unavailable due to incomplete backups of the website.)

Date Source Article Author
06/15/2008 RFSHQ The Best of "BattleBots Update" Season Two Dracophile
04/06/2008 RFSHQ The Best of "BattleBots Update" Season One Dracophile
02/27/2008 RFSHQ Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Generator derverger
02/12/2008 RFSHQ 'Make Your Own Album Cover' Generator derverger
02/11/2008 RFSHQ RFS Quote Generator derverger
12/01/2007 RFSHQ China is Out to Kill You Dracophile
11/22/2007 RFSHQ The Best of Garry's Bots (PC) Dracophile
11/13/2007 RFSHQ The Colorblocks Collection RFSHQ Forums
11/09/2007 RFSHQ The Danger Signs Collection RFSHQ Forums
10/21/2007 RFSHQ Energizing Energy Drinks Part 4 Dracophile
10/20/2007 RFSHQ Taco BuenOH-NO Dracophile
10/08/2007 RFSHQ Wal-Mart Employee Codes Dracophile
10/05/2007 RFSHQ Surviving Grade School: Detention & PE Dracophile
09/23/2007 RFSHQ The Nutrisystem Challenge Part 3 Dracophile
09/11/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! (GBC) Dracophile
09/09/2007 RFSHQ The Derverger's Travels Collection RFSHQ Forums
09/07/2007 RFSHQ The Nutrisystem Challenge Part 2 Dracophile
09/04/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem (GBC) Dracophile
09/01/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: Kid Icarus (NES) Dracophile
08/28/2007 RFSHQ Tetanus Warning* TWX
08/18/2007 RFSHQ Energizing Energy Drinks Part 3 Dracophile
08/07/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: NanoQuest (PC) Dracophile
08/03/2007 RFSHQ The Very Best of Club Penguin Dracophile
07/15/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: Waddles:  The Fangame of the Summer! (PC) kraZy
07/12/2007 RFSHQ The Harry Potter Jelly Bean Challenge Dracophile
07/07/2007 RFSHQ Customized License Plate Frames Dracophile
06/22/2007 RFSHQ Harriet Carter Grab Bag #2 Dracophile
06/08/2007 RFSHQ Energizing Energy Drinks Part 2 Dracophile
06/03/2007 RFSHQ The Worst BattleBot Design Ever Dracophile
05/21/2007 RFSHQ Energizing Energy Drinks Part 1 Dracophile
05/17/2007 RFSHQ The Club Penguin Hacking Prank Squirrel007
05/13/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: The Boom Adapter (N64 / PC) Dracophile
05/11/2007 RFSHQ Fun With Geometry Dracophile
05/09/2007 RFSHQ REVIEW: Bigfoot (NES) Dracophile
05/01/2007 RFSHQ The Viridian Room Collection* RFSHQ Forums
11/07/2006 RFSHQ MySpace: The Bane of Web Design Dracophile
10/27/2006 RFSHQ The Nutrisystem Challenge Part 1 Dracophile
10/19/2006 RFSHQ The It Came From UpUrs Collection RFSHQ Forums
10/15/2006 RFSHQ The My Little Pony Collection RFSHQ Forums
09/29/2006 RFSHQ I Killed Mr. Six Dracophile
09/11/2006 RFSHQ The Law For Kids Comics Collection RFSHQ Forums
09/05/2006 RFSHQ The Skillful Dracophile
07/27/2006 RFSHQ The Vegan Propaganda Collection RFSHQ Forums
07/18/2006 RFSHQ The Jones Soda Thanksgiving Challenge Dracophile
07/09/2006 RFSHQ Machines of Death Dracophile
06/30/2006 RFSHQ REVIEW: Thexder (NES) Dracophile
06/25/2006 RFSHQ The Taco Bell Hot Sauce Collection RFSHQ Forums
05/09/2006 RFSHQ REVIEW: Demon Sword (NES) Dracophile
04/10/2006 RFSHQ The Ultimate Tool Collection RFSHQ Forums
04/02/2006 RFSHQ The White Overnite Challenge Dracophile
03/28/2006 RFSHQ Razors, Razors, RAZORS Dracophile
03/16/2006 RFSHQ The Windows Errors Collection RFSHQ Forums
03/10/2006 RFSHQ At the Movies with RFSHQ Steel Pinata
03/05/2006 RFSHQ The Motivational Posters Collection RFSHQ Forums
02/12/2006 RFSHQ Harriet Carter Grab Bag #1 Dracophile
01/29/2006 RFSHQ 20 Things You Didn't Know About Dracophile TWX
01/22/2006 RFSHQ Great Tasting Gel Dracophile
01/13/2006 RFSHQ Deep Thoughts with Steel Pinata Steel Pinata
01/08/2006 RFSHQ The Koma-Tan Collection* RFSHQ Forums
12/29/2005 RFSHQ Williams Dead End Dracophile
12/20/2005 RFSHQ REVIEW: Nude Barbie (NES) Dracophile
12/16/2005 RFSHQ Wee Wee Grow Dracophile
12/09/2005 RFSHQ The Calvin & Hobbes Collection RFSHQ Forums
12/08/2005 RFSHQ The Sonic Playset Collection RFSHQ Forums
11/27/2005 RFSHQ Right Front Suspension Dracophile
11/27/2005 RFSHQ Baby's Day Out Dracophile
11/25/2005 RFSHQ The We <3 Derverger Collection RFSHQ Forums
11/25/2005 RFSHQ The Magnetic Jingoist Ribbon Collection RFSHQ Forums
11/18/2005 RFSHQ I Beta Test Games in the Year 'Ruhy' Dracophile
11/09/2005 RFSHQ REVIEW: Super Bros. 10 Kung Fu Mari (NES) Dracophile
11/04/2005 RFSHQ Stick Figure Comedy Shorts TWX
11/04/2005 RFSHQ Stickbotics: The Complete Series TWX
11/04/2005 RFSHQ Episodez in Space: The Complete Series TWX
11/04/2005 RFSHQ New Age Comedy: The Complete Series TWX
11/04/2005 RFSHQ Stick Figure Comedy: The Complete Series TWX
11/02/2005 RFSHQ How To WIN at Chuck E. Cheese's Dracophile
10/25/2005 RFSHQ The Church For Kids Comics Collection RFSHQ Forums
10/13/2005 RFSHQ No Means No Dracophile
10/11/2005 RFSHQ Carlos Mencia is a Furry Dracophile
10/10/2005 RFSHQ The Q&A Collection RFSHQ Forums
10/08/2005 RFSHQ Zimons Steel Pinata
09/25/2005 RFSHQ The #1 Reasons To Rent Movies Collection RFSHQ Forums
08/15/2005 RFSHQ Ghost Hunting Dracophile
07/31/2005 RFSHQ REVIEW: Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES) Dracophile
07/02/2005 RFSHQ AOL 10.0: Now With MORE Anus! Dracophile
06/22/2005 RFSHQ REVIEW: Super Chinese (NES) Dracophile
06/01/2005 RFSHQ Adventures of Team Nigga, The Cyko Vision
05/09/2005 RFSHQ The Habitat Dracophile
05/09/2005 RFSHQ The Reasons Why G4TV Sucks: Revisited Dracophile
04/24/2005 RFSHQ In Case of Emergency… Dracophile
04/13/2005 RFSHQ Ionic Breeze of Doom Dracophile
03/31/2005 RFSHQ The Tube RKPTJg
03/01/2005 RFSHQ The Reasons Why G4TV Sucks Dracophile
02/25/2005 RFSHQ The Gemini Show: The Complete Series Gemini
01/20/2005 RFSHQ The Doug Collection RFSHQ Forums
01/17/2005 RFSHQ A Lesson in History Dracophile
01/13/2005 RFSHQ But What If I Had Sex With My Dog? Dracophile
12/10/2004 RFSHQ Humpy Humpy Dinos Dracophile
12/04/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: NES "Grab Bag" Dracophile
11/02/2004 RFSHQ Sir, There's a Penis in My Fence Dracophile
11/02/2004 RFSHQ Treasure Hunting Dracophile
10/13/2004 RFSHQ Mega Man Robot Masters Part 2* Dracophile
08/25/2004 RFSHQ Mega Man Robot Masters Dracophile
08/20/2004 RFSHQ Hump for the Lord! Dracophile
07/31/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Yo! Noid! (NES) Dracophile
07/13/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Castle of Dragon (NES)* Dracophile
07/05/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Cheetahmen II (NES) Dracophile
06/30/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Super ASCII Bros. (NES)* Dracophile
06/13/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Deadly Towers (NES) Dracophile
06/09/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Anticipation (NES) Dracophile
06/05/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Action 52 (NES) Dracophile
06/02/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Mystery of Triangle (NES) Dracophile
05/24/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Eliminator Boat Duel (NES) Dracophile
05/14/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Contra Function 100-in-1 (NES) Dracophile
05/11/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: Crystal Mines (NES) Dracophile
05/09/2004 RFSHQ REVIEW: The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES) Dracophile