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Often times one of Twilight Foundry’s members will put something together for an external website that isn’t directly a part of one of our projects. Maybe it’s a guest column, maybe it’s a featured spot. Maybe it’s something really wacky like a foreword or some other bizarre vignette. The “miscellaneous” archive contained here is where these articles and features come to rest. In most instances these works are sourced to websites and projects that are no longer online so the content is only available here!

Date Source Article Author
07/01/2014 Furry N' Fuzzy The 29 Most Distressing Stills from Space Jam* Komodo88
05/01/2014 Furry N' Fuzzy The 6 Furriest Shirts from The Mountain Komodo88
10/28/2012 Vinesauce The 8 Worst Pokemon R/B/Y Sprites* Dracophile
02/06/2012 BitMob 5 Video Game Industry Scams (That Should Be Illegal) Dracophile
02/03/2012 VentureBeat Shame Is Plastic: 6 Gaming Peripherals of Dubious Quality Dracophile
12/06/2011 BitMob The 7 Freakiest Pokemon R/B/Y Glitches Dracophile
07/20/2011 BitMob 5 Things Kinect Can't Do (That Project Natal Said It Could) Dracophile
06/13/2011 BitMob The 6 Most Valuable Games of All Time (Quantified By NBA Live '95) Dracophile
06/06/2011 BitMob The 6 Worst Xbox Achievements Ever Dracophile
02/17/2011 BitMob 1 Reason Why Every Activision Employee Deserves to Die Dracophile
01/28/2010 VitalViper.com Nickellennium Retrospective: Dracophile's Book of the Future Dracophile
01/18/2010 VitalViper.com The 7 Weirdest Things Sent to Me Via MSN Messenger Dracophile
01/17/2010 VitalViper.com The Problem with Pokemon Dracophile
01/14/2010 VitalViper.com The 00's: Worst. Decade. Ever. Dracophile
12/25/2009 VitalViper.com Christmas Extravaganza Spectacular 2009 Dracophile
12/20/2009 VitalViper.com 6 Stupefyingly Bad Album Covers Dracophile
12/19/2009 VitalViper.com James Cameron's Avatar is NOT a Furry Movie Dracophile
12/10/2009 VitalViper.com 5 Absolutely Retarded eBay Daily Deals Dracophile
11/22/2009 VitalViper.com What My 'Your Life Playlist' Says About My Life Dracophile
11/17/2009 VitalViper.com REVIEW: Jelly Belly 'Bean Boozled' Beans Dracophile
11/12/2009 VitalViper.com DragonPlay: Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award Dracophile
11/08/2009 VitalViper.com Rockport Film Festival 2009 Event Report Dracophile
11/06/2009 VitalViper.com Furries Are Weird. Furries Are Scary. Dracophile
10/31/2009 VitalViper.com Afterlife TV Dracophile
10/28/2009 VitalViper.com REVIEW: Chocolate Mix Skittles Dracophile
10/23/2009 VitalViper.com The 1990's Music Industry Rewarded Laziness Dracophile
10/20/2009 VitalViper.com A Decade After Pokemon: The First Movie Dracophile
10/15/2009 VitalViper.com Most Disorganized Website of 2009: Lockerz Dracophile
10/08/2009 VitalViper.com Counterfeit Spyro the Dragon Posters Dracophile
10/04/2009 VitalViper.com Realmscon 2009 Trip Report Dracophile
04/00/2004 Proto-RFSHQ The Crimson Room Collection Various
00/00/2004 Atari 2600 Duds REVIEW: GramesHos (Atari 2600) Dracophile
00/00/2004 Atari 2600 Duds REVIEW: CrapBack (Atari 2600) Dracophile