Date: 2009 – 2012
Format: Comedy blog

GatorAIDS was established in 2009 following the removal of “Films” from the end of Twilight Foundry’s name. It was the first official website project from the group since the closure of The Twilight Zone in 2004. Though it was created in 2009, the project did not go into full production until 2011 following a hasty start-up period. GatorAIDS’ life as a comedy blog ended in late 2011 due to personal tragedy affecting the webmaster, Dracophile. GatorAIDS as a comedy blog ceased operations in 2012, traded ownership/management, and briefly became “GatorAIDS Gaming” before failing to gain traction and becoming absorbed into what would later become Gatorbox.

Articles denoted with an asterisk are previously unreleased, unfinished drafts, or are otherwise lost/bonus content.

Date Source Article Author
08/03/2012 GatorAIDS 3 Gay-Unrelated Reasons I Hate Chick-Fil-A Dracophile
05/27/2012 GatorAIDS Energizing Energy Drinks: Part 5 (Redemption) Dracophile
04/09/2012 GatorAIDS Excerpts From The Sharperer Image Dracophile
02/24/2012 GatorAIDS An Autistic's Guide to Scary TV Production Logos Roastmaster
02/10/2012 GatorAIDS The 7 Most One-sided Fights in BattleBots History Dracophile
01/19/2012 GatorAIDS St. Joseph's Indian School Just Sent Me Shitloads of Gifts Roastmaster
12/24/2011 GatorAIDS 5 Completely Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Furries Dracophile
12/11/2011 GatorAIDS Edmund K. Lo: The Greatest Actor You've Never Heard Of Roastmaster
12/03/2011 GatorAIDS The 6 Most Fucked-Up Chris Chan Drawings Dracophile
10/18/2011 GatorAIDS 20 MORE of the Best Tweets from @Horse_ebooks Roastmaster
09/30/2011 GatorAIDS The 20 Best Tweets from @Horse_ebooks Roastmaster
09/28/2011 GatorAIDS The 6 Most Worthless University Classes I Took Dracophile
09/25/2011 GatorAIDS 11 MORE Awesome Items Minecraft Needs Dracophile
09/23/2011 GatorAIDS 5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Be Mad at Netflix Dracophile
09/15/2011 GatorAIDS 11 Awesome Items Minecraft Needs Dracophile
09/14/2011 GatorAIDS Team Impact: 2% Parlor Tricks, 98% Church Sermon Roastmaster
09/11/2011 GatorAIDS Why You Should NEVER Buy a $20 Sega Saturn Dracophile
09/02/2011 GatorAIDS The 7 Most Retarded 'Collectible' Coins Ever Dracophile
08/29/2011 GatorAIDS 5 Hilariously Awful Counterfeit LEGO Cars Dracophile
08/21/2011 GatorAIDS All's Quiet at Sunrise Mall Dracophile
08/16/2011 GatorAIDS 6 Legendary Bathroom Pranks (That Are Easy To Do!) Dracophile
07/15/2011 GatorAIDS How I Made a Zillion Bucks Spouting Bullshit Online Dracophile
07/04/2011 GatorAIDS General Advice on How to Properly Operate a Company Dracophile
07/01/2011 GatorAIDS I Fucking LOVE Roastmaster
06/27/2011 GatorAIDS REVIEW: Sushi-Go-Round (DS) Dracophile
06/22/2011 GatorAIDS 5 Apocalypses I've Survived in My Lifetime Dracophile
06/16/2011 GatorAIDS 6 Awesome (and Extinct) Things from Public School Roastmaster
06/02/2011 GatorAIDS KILLER ROBOTS/RoboGames 2011 Commentary Dracophile
03/25/2011 GatorAIDS Hands-on: Nintendo's Virtual Boy II Dracophile
03/17/2011 GatorAIDS Encyclopedia Dramatica: 2004 – 2007 Roastmaster
03/11/2011 GatorAIDS BREAKING: 'PokeGod' MissingNo. Laid Off By Nintendo Dracophile
12/04/2010 GatorAIDS REVIEW: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Dracophile
07/30/2010 GatorAIDS I HATE Selling On Craigslist Dracophile
07/03/2010 GatorAIDS The 5 Most WTF McDonald's Toys Ever Dracophile
04/10/2010 GatorAIDS 8 Things Blockbuster Video Doesn't/Won't Tell You Dracophile
03/30/2010 GatorAIDS 128 Ways to Ensure You Will Never Get Laid Dracophile
03/22/2010 GatorAIDS Weaponizers: A Failed Experiment in Special Effects Dracophile
03/10/2010 GatorAIDS CopOut Teaches People About Tracy Morgan, Dead Memes, Et Al. Dracophile
02/27/2010 GatorAIDS 6 Reasons Why Valentine's Day Sucked This Year Dracophile
02/26/2010 GatorAIDS What Your Fursona REALLY Says About You Roastmaster
02/22/2010 GatorAIDS REVIEW: The Boom Adapter (N64/PS1) Dracophile
12/29/2009 GatorAIDS Roastmaster vs. iRANiAN.CYBER.ARMY Part Deux Roastmaster
12/22/2009 GatorAIDS Roastmaster vs. iRANiAN.CYBER.ARMY Roastmaster
10/14/2009 GatorAIDS UFC Undisputed is Undisputedly the Gayest Game Ever Dracophile
06/30/2009 GatorAIDS Remembering Billy Mays Roastmaster
05/22/2009 GatorAIDS REVIEW: Sonic Jam (* Dracophile