Twilight Foundry (est. 2001) is an independent multimedia production team comprised of an ever-changing cast of talented writers, musicians, programmers, and videographers. The group got its start in the MSN Chat and Groups communities and eventually unfurled into Homestead and later GeoCities before taking a hiatus in 2004. Twilight Foundry made a return in 2008 as a video production studio but as of 2014 now focuses predominately on smaller side projects and editorials. Throughout the course of its life Twilight Foundry has stuck to the subjects of video games and Internet culture; the group derives its name from a hidden level in the Nintendo 64 game Blast Corps.

A more comprehensive look at the history of the group can be found HERE.


Cast & Alumnus:

Cosmic Audino (2001 – 2004 // 2010 – )
Noted composer and classically trained pianist. Co-wrote and produced Code: BS, Twilight Foundry’s first web series and the only web series from its initial 2001 – 2004 run. Eventually rejoined the group in 2010 to once again contribute to various productions, usually in the form of musical composition. Occasionally performs live video game-themed concerts/experiences and is a co-author of AnimeDump.

derverger (2010 – )
Webmaster and executive director of TrackMill Games. One of a handful of Twilight Foundry members that were involved with the RFSHQ project and its associated spin-off company TrackMill, a Twilight Foundry partner. Designs and releases games under the TrackMill Games license and occasionally works with Foundry members to produce joint-effort games.

Dr. Inferno (2002 – 2003)
Electronic tinkerer and hobbyist pyromaniac. Was an active participant in the offline “Twilight Foundry Robotics” robot combat project programming and building creations in LEGO MindStorms. Eventually spun off into his own team and competed at the Battle Clash events, winning two of them.

Dracophile (2001 – 2004 // 2008 – )
Avid writer and robot combat fan, originally known as PokeFreak. Formed the RFSHQ project following the disbanding of Twilight Foundry in 2004 and was later a part of the group’s reformation in 2008. Focuses predominately toward classic and obscure video games and has seen work published on a number of different platforms and through several distributors. Creator and webmaster of Nintendo Powerless.

FpS ref1ex (2009 – 2012)
FPS junkie and co-creator of the noted “Halo: Reach Monster Jam” map construction crew. Co-created and co-hosted The Godmode: On 2 Project (GMO2).

K.S.A. (2001 – 2003)
Character actor and surreal writer. Co-wrote and co-starred in Code: BS.

Lewis (2001 – 2004)
Diehard PS1 fan and aspiring writer. Originally the most active member of the Twilight Foundry group from 2001 – 2004 and got the group’s account banned from Sonic HQ after posting a lengthy rant about a PlayStation developer. Actively wrote fanfiction and when the group disbanded continued to pursue fanfiction writing on his own. Also the only Twilight Foundry member to use their real name instead of a pseudonym.

MASTER (2001 – 2004)
Professional programmer and anime nerd. Former sysop of the Twilight Foundry chatroom hosted through MSN and original webmaster of the group’s website. Existed as the “rarely heard, rarely seen” operator throughout Twilight Foundry’s original run.

Roastmaster (2009 – )
Noted snark, animator, and obsessive 90’s board game collector. Collaborated on the original GatorAIDS project after a run as a successful community personality within the RFSHQ project. Joined GatorAIDS in 2009 as a co-columnist and is now the lead writer at TwilightFoundry.com. Current webmaster of The Sharperer Image.

Rockyowitz (2012 – )
Metal guitarist and avid gamer. Composed original music for several Twilight Foundry web shows and projects including The Godmode: On 2 Project (GMO2). Co-host of Gatorbox.

Steel Pinata (2008 – 2011)
JRPG and otaku-level anime fanatic. Was the other half of “Twilight Foundry Films” from 2008 – 2009 and co-starred in several of the newly reformed group’s short films. Co-wrote and co-produced the original incarnation of Godmode: On with RFSHQ before it became a Twilight Foundry project.

SumDude (2001 – 2004)
Hobbyist programmer and console gaming glitch expert. Discovered and wrote lengthy exploratory pieces on Nintendo 64 glitches and at one point was creating Blast Corps Online, a browser-based port of the Blast Corps game. Originally suggested the name “Twilight Foundry”.

trilobyte FF (2003 – 2004)
Hardcore fanfiction writer. Was recruited into the group by Lewis with whom he frequently partnered up with to write stories and anecdotal works. Spun off with Lewis to form their own writing troupe when Twilight Foundry disbanded in 2004.


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