11 MORE Awesome Items Minecraft Needs

Last week we covered 11 craftable items Mojang should incorporate into Minecraft. Since then, Mojang has proceeded to stuff their sandbox game with a bunch of pointless shit and Markus “Notch” Persson has adopted a bizarre affinity for watching animals have sex with each other. I guess we’ll call it even. In between us doing the initial work for the first article and completing the content for today’s article the indie game developer has produced an official 1.8 release as well as a 1.9 pre-release rife with things like snowmen wearing pumpkins on their heads. It’s safe to assume these people have collectively lost their shit and that their next grand idea is going to be a tower that spits out infinite cookies.


Too late.

Regardless, here’s part two of our “wouldn’t it be cool if…” Minecraft series with 11 more awesome crafting recipes Mojang should use in their game!



minecraft_indianheadwearWhat it is/does: The Indian Headwear is a special kind of helmet that allows the wearer to get some extra distance, power, and critical hit chance behind their arrows, just like a trained Indian archer! While wearing the Indian Headwear it only takes you half as long to charge up a powered shot.

Why you need it: With the addition of new mobs like Endermen, plus the achievement “Sniper Duel”, the bow is becoming a more useful and needed weapon in the Minecraft game. Whereas you could normally get by with just a sword and some guts with the changing climate of the game you can’t just take a lot of damage and eat food anymore, you have to wait for that health to regenerate. This headwear would let you safely attack from a distance, but attack stronger!

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: Since the headwear itself is just a leather strap with some dangly feathers it wouldn’t offer the standard protection that a normal helmet would, this of course is balanced by the boost it gives to ranged attacks. Also because it boosts attacks, to keep things fair each improved shot would wear down a normal bow 1.5x times as fast.



minecraft_submarineWhat it is/does: The Submarine is a submersible version of the standard Minecraft boat that allows the driver to pilot it above the surface of the water just like a regular boat, but much like the flying ability granted in Creative play the Submarine can also rise and dive in the water to let players explore chasms or to traverse underground water tunnels.

Why you need it: With the new biome updates there’s a lot more water in Minecraft than there used to be, let’s just get that factoid out of the way right now. If you’re unlucky you might get a bad spawn that’ll put you right in the middle of a crappy Kevin Costner movie (with or without the Virtual Boy game that was made after it). The Submarine is a handy took that acts like a boat but comes with the added bonus of letting you dive underwater to explore or even get to your safehouse if you built an undersea mad science lab.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: All in all, the Submarine isn’t that different from the standard boat, it’s even based off of it. The exception here is that the Submarine wouldn’t immediately crumble into wood and sticks upon hitting something, this is to protect the pilot from drowning deep underwater. It’s a basic vehicle built with basic parts, thus it’s non-stackable like the other vehicles and relatively cheap/easy to make.



minecraft_spikedcollarWhat it is/does: Aside from the player there are passive mobs that you can tame to bring onto your side in your journeys. The wolf is one of these mobs, however they have absolutely no mob-specific items to help them out. The Spiked Collar is a piece of armor for your wolf companion that reduces the damage he takes by 50%.

Why you need it: Wolfy (or Yiff’n Buddy if you’re a weirdo) might be a great companion to take with you on journeys, but the unfortunate truth is that they die way too fast. You can effectively double the life of your furry friend and save him from a stray Creeper if you give him this collar, which you could equip by simply right-clicking on your wolf. Now he’s a more formidable companion and won’t be so quick to explode!

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: Wolves are relatively common, this collar is made of common materials; the two balance one another out. Furthermore with all the different kinds of hostile mobs out there, most of which can do more damage to the wolf than he can dish out, this collar helps balance the game by evening the playing field.



minecraft_defoliantWhat it is/does: Defoliant is the opposite of bone meal. Where bone meal causes plants to grow instantly, Defoliant will kill all plant life within a radius of where it’s placed.

Why you need it: Say you found the perfect place to build something but the land is covered in trees. Sure, you could craft a bunch of axes and chop them all down but what if you don’t need the wood and just want to get rid of everything? Throw a little of this around and your problems are solved. Defoliant could even cause plants like sugar cane and wheat to drop their loot, so this could be a fast way to harvest crops and re-plant them.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: Bones for bone meal are common loot dropped from skeletons, and bone meal causes anything to grow instantly. Therefore there should be an equal opposite for it. Defoliant takes more items to create but the items used are easy to obtain from The Nether. Much like bone meal you can stack Defoliant in groups of 64 and one crafting of the powder will net you 4 instances each.



minecraft_mngfyglass-journalWhat it is/does: The Magnifying Glass is an item that, if it’s in your inventory, will show the health and stats of any mob or player your sights are focused on. If the Journal is in your inventory then any enemy or mob you kill will have a chance to drop additional experience orbs.

Why you need it: Minecraft‘s Adventure Update is going to give the game a more “RPG” feel to it by means of introducing experience points, stats, enchanted/titled items, and even boss mobs. There’s going to be more to the game than simply mining for pretty rocks to build giant space dongs out of, and these two items are examples of helpful crafts that can help you ascertain threats and even level-up faster if you’re holding onto them.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: These are simple items to craft and require almost nothing of rarity (except for ink sacs which might be difficult to obtain), and thus their effects are relatively moderate. The Magnifying Glass lets you see enemy health and stats, which is basic information, and the Journal only gives a slight increase to the chance that an enemy might drop additional experience orbs. Both are passive abilities and are only active if you are letting either item occupy a spot in your inventory.



minecraft_decoytargetWhat it is/does: The Decoy Target is a block of flesh that vaguely resembles a human when placed on the ground. The smell of meat and the sight of a humanoid figure will cause hostile mobs to attack the decoy until it breaks, letting you get away from a dangerous situation.

Why you need it: How often have you run out of arrows or broken a sword and have almost been trapped by zombies or spiders? If you’re on the verge of death and without anything that you can use to heal or attack with you might lose your precious diamonds or other rare finds. Throwing down a decoy will give you the extra time to get away and heal or to simply escape with your loot in hand so you can fight another day. Plus if you’re playing on the planned “Hardcore” mode where the map is deleted upon death… the decoy might be a godsend!

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: Presently there is no use for rotten meat dropped from zombies except for using it to heal wolves. If you eat it you get poisoned which makes it only useful if you’re starving and this is the only thing you have. There are no crafting recipes for the meat at this time. A decoy sounds cheap, but it will crumble after a few hits and due to their perceived size, they cannot be stack in your inventory. Given the nature of death in “Hardcore” mode a decoy would be a valuable item to have with you.



minecraft_ghilliesuitWhat it is/does: A Ghillie Suit in Minecraft would function just like one in real life. This is a suit made of foliage that camouflages the wearer under a thick matting of leaves and plant life to let them sneak around undetected around hostile enemies.

Why you need it: If you travel lightly or you’re only looking to scout to place sights on your map you might not want to attract the attention of hostile mobs around you. Right now if you stand behind vines mobs have to be closer to you to see you, so there’s already some form of camouflage present in the game; this is a piece of armor that would bestow that same perk to you at all times so long as it’s being worn because vines don’t grow everywhere in Minecraft.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: A Ghillie Suit doesn’t exactly offer much protection from anything seeing as how it’s made of plants, it’s mostly used for sneaking around. This would translate into the game by offering only half the protection as a regular piece of chest armor but make up for it by having a camo perk on at all times. It doesn’t require anything special to craft, but it would require you to travel to a swamp biome to get the vines, which could prove tricky if you don’t spawn anywhere near one.




minecraft_dungeonradarWhat it is/does: This radar is a tool that when kept in your inventory will emit periodic blips that will increase in frequency when you get closer to a “monster spawner” block (since these are normally associated with dungeons). It doesn’t point to anything (like the compass might suggest), it merely emits a tone when you are honing in on one.

Why you need it: Let’s face it, searching for loot in Minecraft is FUN. There’s lots of enjoyment to be had in building giant castles and fountains and such but it’s also really fun to go out and find some rare items like music discs, cocoa beans, saddles, and other stuff you can use to trade with on multiplayer servers (except for saddles I guess, because nobody wants those stupid things). This loot radar isn’t a cheat like an X-ray vision texture pack but it is a tool that’s fair and balanced to make loot quests more fun.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: The loot radar requires a lot of stuff to create: wood (8), sticks (3), iron (4), and Redstone dust (4). Even though it requires a compass to craft the compass does nothing and is just for show, holding the Dungeon Loot Radar just shows the compass needle to spin around as if you were in The Nether. All it does it make sounds and offers no clues as to the direction of the dungeon, that’s for your ears to find out. It doesn’t directly give you the location of the dungeon, you still have to find it, but it can help give clues.



minecraft_longfusetntWhat it is/does: Long Fuse TNT functions exactly like regular TNT in every way except it takes three times as long to detonate when lit or activated by a lever, button, or other apparatus.

Why you need it: According to the Minecraft Wiki, activated TNT takes four seconds to detonate. This is fine if you’re in an open environment or just using one block of TNT in a mine, but for many other instances four seconds isn’t enough time to get away from the blast, especially if you’re setting up a chain reaction or attempting to build a TNT cannon to shoot an activated block of the explosive somewhere. Long Fuse TNT is a safer alternative that can allow you to quickly get away, set up safe chain reactions, or dig deeper by “sounding” depths with activated explosives.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: There’s virtually no difference between long fuse and regular TNT save for detonation time. Long Fuse TNT requires the same amount of materials to craft, plus two pieces of string (which is relatively easy to obtain from spider mobs and abandoned mine shaft dungeons). Gunpowder is a primary ingredient in crafting TNT, and since it’s required for both versions of the explosive, the long fuse version is equally balanced.



minecraft_grapplinghookWhat it is/does: If you hit a cavern or fall into a ravine and don’t have enough blocks to stack up and  climb out with you can toss a Grappling Hook to latch onto a ledge and climb up the wall to safety. Be like Batman and scale canyons in seconds!

Why you need it: If you’re out of materials to build a makeshift “cheat elevator” with to get out of a deep crevice or ravine you might seem stuck, especially if you don’t have the tools to dig your way out. If you’re at the bottom of a canyon and need a way out you can cast the Grappling Hook just like you could a fishing pole and climb up out of a deep cut in the land. The grappling hook will only grab onto a ledge, and once you reach the hook you’re transported atop the block the hook was attached to, less the hook.

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: This is a simple item to craft with basic components, making it easy to mass-produce. Because it can be used to quickly scale landforms in an abusable fashion the Grappling Hook is only good for one use before it breaks and a new one must be used. Since it’s classified as a tool these items cannot stack.



minecraft_backpackWhat it is/does: Wearing a Backpack as chest armor won’t offer any protection, but it will double your inventory space to match the capacity of a double-chest!

Why you need it: C’mon, do I really need to explain why you need this? It will double your inventory space! That’s the only reason I have to give!

Value/rarity to usefulness ratio: Carrying twice the normal inventory capacity seems kind of cheap, so to make up for it while wearing a Backpack you aren’t granted any of the protection bonuses as you would wearing any type of chest armor. Wearing this item also prevents your character from dashing, and if it takes too much damage (it is armor after all) it’ll break and you’ll drop the items in the top three rows of your inventory… which you could easily combat by packing an extra Backpack just in case (yo dawg we heard u leik backpacks…).


And that brings us to the end of our journey, 11 (12 if you count the double entry) more awesome ideas for useful tools and items for the world of Minecraft! If you read this article and you agree with the ideas, pass it along! Or, if you’re a savvy modder for the game and see something you would like to borrow by all means take what you like and make it work! If you do, send us some screenshots of the items in action and we’ll feature you, your mod, and your site (if you have one) in a shoutout update!

– Dracophile