I Killed Mr. Six

The date is sometime in May 2005.

I woke up, browsed some websites, and saw there was a former member of the KKK who had recently been arrested, Edgar Killen. The convicted person depicted in the image looked all too familiar to me though.

“The Six Flags Guy?” I said to myself. I loved that mascot. He was so out of place and energetic. You hated him and loved him at the same time.

The day this happened unfortunately fell into the time period when I played around on the popular YTMND website and within seconds I had already thrown together an incredibly stupid YTMND pointing out the extreme similarities between “Mr. Six” and Edgar Killen. I thought it was a stupid joke.

I thought.

I thought differently when a friend later sent me a link to my own YTMND and said it was “the funniest shit ever” and that I had to see it. I told him I made it, and to check the author box. Sure enough, yes it was in fact me. I was informed that the YTMND had spread like crazy and a Google search of “sixflagskkk.ytmnd.com” yielded many, many results. In one week the site skyrocketed to the #31 Most Viewed YTMND of all time, just one rank short of being on the first page of top viewed YTMNDs. People had begun to make parodies of the work too such as the site sixeightbit.ytmnd.com, an 8-bit remix of the original.

It was fun to see my work being spread around like that, true Internet ad-nausea. My friends and I all joked about it until the owner of YTMND got “The Letter”. “The Letter” was a name given to the cease and desist sent out by the Six Flags company demanding all YTMNDs featuring the mascot be removed immediately. Unfortunately, YTMND complied and the original version of my site is no more. I re-registered the domain so no one would snipe it, and replaced it with a futile ad for my website, hoping what was left of the popularity would drive visitors to RFSHQ.

Later that year, shortly after the YTMND had run its course, Mr. Six was retired from the main Six Flags ad campaign. I had unknowingly put a bullet in the head of my favorite mascot. My stupid joke killed Mr. Six. In all honesty I wasn’t trying to harm anybody; it was a dumb joke. Maybe it was a little too popular of a joke, but a dumb one nonetheless. Maybe Mr. Six was already on his way out, but this sudden spike in attention didn’t really seem to help his case.

I’m not proud for what I did. The Internet is a mean place.

R.I.P. Mr. Six. :c

– Dracophile

[Editor’s Note: In the years following this publication Six Flags has since reinstated Mr. Six as their theme park’s mascot and has featured him in new commercials and merchandise.]