At the Movies with RFSHQ

Steel Pinata works for a cinema so he gets to put up with all kinds of movies, good and bad alike. This led him to begin making fun of movies and saying that Final Destination 4 would be named “Sucks To Be These Guys”. That soon expanded into several “sequels” of movies, which later became an entire page full of ideas.

This is part one, I have a list of real movies and then my sequel or next installment in the series.

Final Destination 4: Sucks To Be Them
Brokeback Mountain 2: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
Pokemon the Movie 27: You’re STILL Watching This?!
Passion of the Christ 2: Rise of the Machines
Passion of the Christ: On Ice
Ray 2: Through the Eyes of Ray
Waterworld 2: Golden Showers
Titanic 2: Return to the Ship
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial 2: Somewhere in New Mexico
The Land Before Time 47: FUCKING METEOR
Weird Science 2: The Internet is for Porn
Snow White 2: That Dumb Bitch Ate the Apple Again
Toy Story 2: Woody Gets Buzz’d
Fahrenheit 9/11: 2
Air Bud 7: Call Animal Control
The Matrix 2: Illegal File Sharing


In part two, I’m renaming movies or adding onto their names as I see fit.

12 Monkeys -> “12 Monkeys Jumping On the Bed”
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory -> “This Is NOT A Gay Porno, We Swear”
YuGiOh the Movie -> “Move Out Of Your Fucking Basement”
Resident Evil -> “Employees On Strike”
Thriller -> “Jacko Gets Scared White”
Home Alone -> “Home Alone With the Spice Channel”
Three Men & a Baby -> “Three Men & a Baby & a Police Report”
Finding Nemo -> “Finding Nemo In Mr. Slave’s Ass”
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat -> “Tripping HARD Balls”
Super Mario Bros. -> “Name Recognition =?= Money”
The Neverending Story -> “The Hour and A Half Story”
Veggietales -> “That’s Not A Cucumber”
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure -> “Bill & Ted’s Excellent ANAL Adventure”
Flubber -> “Green Bouncy Shit”
Narnia -> “The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe (From JCPenny’s)”
Star Wars -> “Easy Money”
Passion Of The Christ -> “Easy Money”
Lord Of The Rings -> “…Easy Money”
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? -> “Where the Fuck is that Bitch?”
Volcano -> “Urbanized Pompeii”
The Wizard -> “90 Minute Nintendo Commercial”
The Lawnmower Man -> “World’s Longest Phone Prank”
Texas Chainsaw Massacre -> “The Ohio Weedeater Mishap”

That’s about wraps it all up for the movies. Hopefully Hollywood will get a head’s up and use these ideas, I could be a millionaire!

– Steel Pinata