Wee Wee Grow

I get a lot of spam emails now that my email address is plastered on forums and my profile… so spam bots pick it up and send me awesome deals that would cater to me if I was male or female. Well, I don’t quite have any use for all natural tits enhancement but I shouldn’t worry, I will get an equal amount of emails for penis enhancement too. This brings us to the subject of today’s article:

Wee Wee Grow.

Yes, the new miracle wang pill that offers “PERMANENTRESULTS” and also a side of “Wigiwigi”. The company who manufactures Wee Wee Grow is obviously trying to aim for the younger demographic, anyone who still laughs at the word “wee wee”. I think I fall into that category actually, and probably you do too for laughing at the fact that someone is stooping low enough to call the pill “Wee Wee Grow”.

It’s too bad none of these actually work… I’d love to see an actual bottle in a store labeled “Wee Wee Grow”. I mean, it would take some balls to buy some pills in person (because face it, if you’re buying dick pills, all you have is balls). However, it would take balls of steel to buy something called “Wee Wee Grow”. It would take balls… as big as apples.

[Editor’s Note: “Balls as big as apples” was a short-lived catchphrase on RFSHQ borrowed from the site’s in-house web series The Radio F Show.]

– Dracophile