I Beta Test Games in the Year ‘Ruhy’

What the hell is a “Pineapple Swatter”? What the fuck is “DewQ” and “Ruhy”? This is what several users of Miniclip were asking when a “game tester” known as Fricket began posting a bunch of utter bullshit. Lies that were so obvious that after reading the first word you knew it was crap. The thread he started began with one of those annoying “Favorite Game System Polls” and somehow on Page 2 it became seriously derailed.

By now, you all know me. I never post chat logs and such unless they are honestly worthwhile. This takes the cake. I have saved the posts from the forum in case the thread is pruned so it can be preserved on RFSHQ forever.

[Editor’s Note: I have truncated some posts since a few of them were huge flames. Fricket’s posts are copied in their full form, however, typos and all. Commentary is denoted with square brackets.]



really i like the

1. PS3
2. Xbox 360
3. Nintendo 64

Better then ANYTHING! i have a PS2 but it’s LAGGY it skips and doesn’t play ANY of my CDs (ex. Gantsa Rap cds) [Because Frizzle is a straight up G, yo.] anyway the Xbox360 can play

Xbox 360 [Never would have guessed.] DVD
and ONLINE!!!

ps2 only has
PS2 (only!)

Nintendo 64 is alot better but it doesn’t have anything the ps2 has!! it’s the games that’s counts!

ps3 has:
I DON’T KNOW I’M JUST A GAME TESTER!!!! PS2 XBOX 360,PS3.NINTENDO64,NINTENDO R, GBA AND PSP NEW GAME TESTER!!!!! [If you haven’t guessed by now, this is where the ball is dropped.]

i’m getting the ps3 in 3 weeks
nintendo r is out 2006 in us
ps is out in 2006 fall
Xbox 360 2005 winter
PSP2 2007 winter
peace outs!!!



Yeah. I totally beleive that you’re a beta tester for the PS3 and all of those other systems. Did you know I was a tester for Atari ten years before I was actually born? I can see through your badly fabricated lie. Stop while you’re ahead. If I worked for a game production company, people like you would be at the bottom of my list of projected testers.

You sound like the average deranged console fanboy to me.



i am really a GAME TESTER i know the next-gen game system!! go ahead ask me anything about GAMES!!!! i played EVERY game in the WORLD!!!!!! PSP3 is out 2010 Spring! [This is it. The storm is coming. Lock your doors and board up your windows.]

Xbox 360= 2005 Winter
PS4= 2031 Winter!
Xbox 720= 2300 Spring! [Microsoft loves naming shit after skateboard tricks.] PS1 REMIXED= 2090 Fall! [Because Sony will wait a century to improve the PS1.] Nintendo R v2= 2055 Summer!
Slam Boy= 2111 Spring!
Gam Boys= 2900 Winter(ex)

ex is the middle of the season in the Future! [I like to imagine this sentence echoing.]

Dew Sew= 3409 summe(ex) [Published by Singer.] Nintendo R1= 2006 US
Pump It Up Boys= 2100 [Weren’t these the air shoes in the 1990’s?] Future Boys= 2010 Winter
EX= 7100 winter (ZX)
ZX= 10029 Summer (PO)

ZX is the EXTRA future last day of the season
EX is the least next gen 2nd last day of the season [Mark your calenders!]

PS4 remix= 2300 summer
Xbox 1200= 2455 Spring
Mars Boy= 20999212 summer [That’s a really big gap in time.] Space 180= 4952214685 Spring
Next-Gen Boy= 30427785839059081248390 Ruhy (new season in the future!) [RUHY!] Billion= 3442222 Summer!

i got the WHOLE time line of the games till 899309348357862578608576234574967 DewQ

ask me ANYTHING about games in the future!!!!



Here’s a question. When do you “shut up”?

You’re making all of this up, and it is about as obvious as an elephant in a living room.

I seriously died a little on the inside after reading your utter crap. You know nothing about video games. You obviously never will. You are a hopeless fanboy who will amount to just that, a hopeless fanboy who will buy anything with Nintendo or Sony plastered all over it just to have it.


The Visions:

I work for Sony, they’ve already planned for games over five hundred thousand years in the future. Totally. Trust me.



I Am Right Psp2 Is!

And Dieing And Coming Back To Life Is Imposable! [No idea what he is talking about.]

Dude Your Like 20-39 Well I’m 13!!!!! I Know More Then You!! I Have Every Consloe In The World!!!! And Alll The Next-next-next-gen Games!!!!!!! [I sound so smart the kid thinks I’m almost 40 when in my profile it states 17.]

And Draco
1) “ture Or Fasle” Mar Boy? [Sounds like a candy bar to me.] 2) Do You What Company Does Ps2 And Xbox? [All your base are belong to Fricket.] 3) What’s The Company That Makes The Mars Boy?? [The people who make M&Ms.] 4) Are You Funny?(no!) [lol rfshq]



How do you even know the world will still be around in the year 3097398930809489489040 and why is there such a long period of time in between the last few consoles? And why are there new seasons? Who told you all of this, was it your Magic 8 Ball?

[During this period I had shown images and such from my Atari game Pineapple 2000 after telling Fricket he is an insult to real game developers. This will come into play soon in a glorious way…]



Oh, Fricket! Please come back and tell me more about gaming in the future!



you really think i would?! (YES i would be glad to!)

Pinapple SWATER= 13300 Spring [Pinapple-fucking-SWATER.] Past Cavemen= 21334 Winter
Present= 2006 [You’re off by a year.] Winter O2 GBA= 2349
Xbox Viptor(4600)= 56677 [Microsoft will have named a country “Xbox” by then.]



Please tell me you don’t expect me to believe that.


The Visions:

The crippling stupidity and false claims make me cringe in disgust.


Fricket vanished soon thereafter and hasn’t been back since.

– Dracophile

[Editor’s Note: As of this article’s republication in 2014 the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 (as announced) and the PlayStation 4 entered the North American market in 2013, a full eighteen years early. The alleged “Nintendo R” is still missing in action.]