Baby’s Day Out

It was about 9 years ago, maybe more. It had to be a while back though, because my mom hadn’t finished all of her college classes. My dad was working all day for that particular week. I don’t exactly know why my grandparents couldn’t watch me. Maybe my grandma was sick, I don’t remember. However I do remember I spent a week in day care after school for about 2 hours every day while my mother was at school.

That was some kinda hell. The day care center has long been dead since those days. Good riddance. A skatepark now occupies the room where I once saw a kid try to skateboard on a large firetruck toy only to eat tile instead. Someone is probably rollerblading on the same place where I hid under a wooden deck playing with remote controlled cars.

However, the thing I will most remember Kids Castle Day Care Center for is the time we all crowded into two blue Chevrolet vans to go see Oliver & Company at the local (also now dead) cinema. Cinema 35 it was called, and it had one whole screen. They hauled us to the movies and its one screen glory to see an animated movie whose advertising song was that damn “Walking On Sunshine” track if I remember it correctly.

Out of the 20 someodd kids that were taken there, I only knew one of them. He wasn’t a close friend of mine, just someone I knew. His name was Waylon, I haven’t seen him in forever either. Now that I think of it, he was a pretty swell guy. The ride over was hell, the movie theater was about 5 miles from the daycare, and there were 10 kids in either Chevy van. It was like the Holocaust, just instead of taking us to the gas chamber they took us to Oliver & Company… which is pretty much the same thing so I’ll just run with Holocaust.

I don’t even remember the movie, I just remember using the dollar my mom gave me to buy some candy and dicking around with Waylon the whole time. We had a special “VIP” section, which was really just the middle 3 rows of seats sectioned off with masking tape. Still, being able to go into an area marked “RESERVED” is cool nonetheless. It’s like sitting down and announcing to everyone “Yeah, this is my spot”.

The movie ended, and we all stood up to leave. Well, Waylon had to use the bathroom, so I stuck around and waited on him. We went out into the lobby to catch up with the group of kids, and what do you know, a group of 18 kids and 2 fat women is nowhere to be seen! Waylon didn’t seem to notice, he was reading the “Coming Soon” poster for the movie Baby’s Day Out and seemed over-fucking-joyed about it. He would not shut up about Baby’s Day Out.

I was about six years old and alone with Waylon who didn’t know they left without doing a head count. I told him and he almost shit his pants (good thing he was just in the bathroom). We got the bright idea to see if they really did leave, because you know, maybe they are all in the bathroom right now and we just missed them on the way out. The two blue vans were missing, they fucking left without us.

I don’t remember the time, I just remember telling the cinema manager the stupid daycare left us behind. The manager said we could go watch the next showing of Oliver & Company while he called the daycare to tell them two kids were fucking left behind. It took them the duration of half the goddamn movie to get their asses back to Cinema 35.

This one is for you Kids Castle and the fat cunts who ran it. Fuck you.

– Dracophile