The Q&A Collection

I was watching Kids Say The Darnest Things once and thought “wow, those are some stupid questions Bill Cosby is asking kids”. Then, I thought it would be funny if I asked a bunch of random people from the RFSHQ forum to ask me questions and I’d answer them. Here’s some good ol’ Q & A with me, Dracophile.


Be0t asks: Will any Dracophile branded sex toys be available to buy?
As soon as Cafepress will let me put my logo on a rubber dong, they’ll be up for sale.


Eyce from Australia asks: What is your opinion on Cow’s Genitals appearing in X-Rated Hardcore Porno movies?
I voted against that in the last voting thing. Democracy! *salutes*


Long time buddy peaceloveandhappiness says: What would you do if your head exploded?
I would search on eBay for a new one, but I would have to shop around for the best price. Also, stealing that clay bust of Lionel Ritchie from that one music video he made is a possibility.


toAst shows up to ask: How many licks till you get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
I actually lost count at around 50 since I dropped it, and I was not sure if the shattered pieces counted or not, or how many penalty licks to add on. I will try this experiment again sometime though.


mean2u from RFSHQ asks: “How do you spell FBI?”
Last time I checked, W-I-L-L-S-M-I-T-H.


devils elbow, aka Clueless lives up to his name with: Can I have my own forum section?
If we gave you one we would have to give everyone one. I don’t have that kind of space man. InvisionFree does, they whore their servers over there.


RFSHQ administrator derverger challenges my reputation with: Would you make love to a dragon if the opportunity arose?


Gamecue asks: Isn’t Ellen Degeneres awesome?!


Yes I want fries with that.


Gamecue barges back in to yell: DON’T YA WANTA FANTA?
Absolutely. I just hope those singers don’t come with it.


mean2u returns to ask: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Ask Ken Jennings.


Gamecue sends in: Does love really mean never having to say you’re sorry?
No, love means that if we ever get into a fight half of my stuff is yours.


mean2u sends: How much do prostitutes cost for an hour in Hawaii?
A pineapple.


Eyce, an aspiring porno director, asks: What is your idea of Purple Monkey Dishwashers raping innocent 40 year old women with a large rank, at the stroke of 12 noon, and have it published on DVD?”
That’s probably someone’s fetish.


WardenX sends in: What would you do if bears rose up and demanded the right to vote?
I’d raise the price of gas.


Dr. Seuss wannabe HackerX asks: Would you kill a man for a Klondike bar?
Depends on the flavor.


Would you kill a man in a people house?
…the hell is a “people house”?


Would you kill a man in a tree?
What is that, a racist joke?


Would you kill a man with a fox?
Oh god furries…


Would you kill a man in a box?
A box? Wait a second…


Would you kill a man here or there?
…I know what’s going on here.


Would you kill a man anywhere?
I hate Dr. Seuss.


Paranoid bot guy asks: DRACO! I KNOW YOU TOOK MY LAWN GNOME!
toAst jacked your gnome because he thought it was the one from those Travelocity commercials.


chiZ is depressed because: Why did you piss on my windows?
Sorry, I thought that turned you on.


toAst asks: How many grapes can you fit in your mouth without smushing them or choking to death?
Like a million.


Asuyuka Meya Kimeno sends in: Can you juggle three mint pies on your nose and feet?
I can barely write legibly. I doubt I can do that.


Mr. Apocalypse fears failing Science because: Which one gives off a better caffene rush, Pepsi or Coke-Cola?
Mountain Dew


MantaS. lurks the forums and asks: What would you do to Jack Thompson if you saw him?
I’d ask him if he wanted a cup of hot coffee.


mean2u is desperate because: Are you god? Please bless my gf with larger boobs.
I’m not God but, I can try….. are they bigger yet?


Nightbringer wonders if it’s okay to fap if: Is Sebastian in The Little Mermaid meant to be black?
I don’t know if all Jamaicans are black, but their Flavor-Aid tastes like ass.


Gamecue rebounds and asks: What do you want for Christmas seriously?
I want my family to vanish so I can party, order pizzas, and throw paint cans at robbers.


K.K sends: Who’s the best Ghostbuster?
Rick Moranis


TLW sits on my lap like I’m Santa: What is life other than a large furty basterd?
*nods like I understood what the hell he just said*


MantaS. asks: What’s better: dry cereal or cereal with milk?
Chex Mix.


bot guy ponders the mysteries of the universe: WHERE’S MY SOCKS DRACO?!?! I KNOW YOU STOLE IT!!!
More importantly, how did you make “socks” singular?


kraZy gets down (to business): Why do you still think these are funny?
I don’t.


Be0t is dead serious, seriously: Will you jack off to dragon porn later?
*shakes fist* INSIDE JOKES!!!


peaceloveandhappiness throws salt on open wounds: Carrots are good for your eyes, but can they dial a phone?
That’s not funny anymore, man.


chiZ forgot his RFSHQ model number: Does this come with a milkshake and does it have patented yard technology?
The milkshake is sold separately, but if you buy it, it brings all the boys to the yard.


And thus, the demon beast known as Q&A With Dracophile was laid to rest with a single bullet between the eyes.

– Dracophile & The RFSHQ Forums