Ghost Hunting



This is unofficially the first ever RFSHQ Photophile picture, I just never got around to using it. Back in the day (2003) I didn’t have many priorities, I was just chillin’ on the Internet being myself. I was enjoying lots of novelty things and one of the things I used to waste time on were these little webcams that were dubbed “ghostcams”. People like to think they can capture little oddities on camera and claim them as ghosts.

Do I call BS or not? That’s a tough decision, my own thoughts clash with it. However sometimes there are just things that are so totally outrageous and dumb it is screaming “joke” when people take it seriously. One of these is some “haunted abandoned hospital webcam”. In fact, that very same site is still in operation. You can catch it at

[Editor’s Note: Research Webcam has since closed since this article’s initial publication.]

I used to watch it off and on while waiting for downloads to finish. Nowadays I have DSL so I don’t need to be occupied with other stuff while downloads go. There are cameras in this building, so obviously there has to be someone to monitor the place, I mean, after all there’s computers and equipment still in there. Occasionally the tech crew will be seen on the camera (they are not the ghosts of patients who know how to use computers). They usually check late at night when they figure no one is watching. Note the time stamp on the bottom right, almost 11PM.

Nothing exciting ever happens. RFSHQ forum administrator toAst almost shit himself when some raccoon showed up on the camera since the site says he only comes around once a year. Other than that, nothing. Ever. Until I caught this. I almost was unable to save it due to the 15 second refresh script because I was laughing too hard. He’s just scratching his ass, but he has his whole hand down his pants.

It wouldn’t have been as funny if say, he just had his hand on his ass but he actually has, as you can see, his entire hand on his ass, behind his pants. That raccoon might be a once a year deal, but this unknown e-celebrity now, this is a once in a lifetime event. And it was made possible because his ass itched. Thanks Research Webcam.

– Dracophile