REVIEW: CrapBack (Atari 2600)

This is a very odd find I made on eBay a few weeks back. This was listed as a Chinese pirated Atari cart, however it is fairly new because it’s intended as a joke on the Atari Flashback console released in 2004. Naturally, I picked this game up at the Buy It Now price of $45.00 because it seemed to be rare and hard to find, as I found no information on it online. It had to be a new cart that has surfaced, and it is PAL format.

I received it in the mail, still in its box and everything. The box is an oddity because it claims to have “00” Games on it, but in reality it has 3 games with no varying difficulties. It also has “Not Authentic” printed on its box. Hey, what is better than honesty, ya know? This is actually a pretty decent pirate cart. I don’t even think it is truly a pirate cartridge at all because the games here are all original! However, there is evidence to say it is a pirate cart because of its box art, it’s the Flashback box art, and shows the special controller for the Flashback. This game doesn’t need any fancy controllers, just a standard joystick and you’re set to go!

Game one is called “Find The Missing Original Games”. This game plays similar to Pac-Man and Lock ‘N’ Chase. You have to make your way through a Pac-Manish maze and find the little cartridges all over the floor. While you do this the Atari Administration will be on your ass trying to capture you and get the cartidges back from you. You are able to open and close doors, plant walls, and pick up extra bonus points like Post-It notes, staplers, and tape.

The next game is a very zany, fast paced action game called “Go Buy A 2600 On eBay”. In this eBay sim game you start at the eBay homepage and you have to actually find a 2600 for “sale” and bid on it. The auctions really do last for up to 7 days, just like the real eBay! In order to try this out I had to give up watching Spike TV for a whole week. At first there is not much action, but then in the last half hour or so the bid war is on big time. You have to keep hitting “Refresh” to make sure you’re in the lead. If you aren’t, you have to place another bid. If you win the 2600 you beat the game! If you lose, well then you just wasted a week. Still a fun gem though.

The next and final game is the most humorous and is called “Throw This Piece Of Crap Into A Lake”. The title is misleading though. You aren’t throwing this game into a lake, but rather, it’s a game where you have to throw the Flashback into a lake. It sounds easy, but really this game is like Human Cannonball and you have to get the trajectory just right or else you will miss. The lakes will randomly differ in size, and the wind will speed up or change direction. You have to adjust it perfectly to get the bonus points. If a shark jumps up and eats it before it hits the water, you get a triple score multiplier, so watch for their jumping patterns.

All in all this game has it flaws, sometimes it is too easy, or the games get boring fast like the eBay one, but overall it’s a really funny game and is actually fun to play. I highly recommend you search on eBay for a copy of CrapBack, you won’t be disappointed!

– Dracophile