The Habitat

The Habitat; it’s like a bed & breakfast you could say, with nicely furnished cabins and a cool loft you can sleep in. When I say nice furnishings, that’s not sarcasm. There were chips and salsa waiting in the mini-fridge when we got there. Homemade salsa too, not the weird Taco Bell brand crap.

There’s also a little book the guests can sign and write notes to the owner, Wayne. I was incredibly bored since the batteries of my Game Boy conveniently died out an hour after getting there, the salsa was all gone, and no one wanted me to kick their ass in Scrabble. I picked up one of the books and started reading what people were saying. They were all positive and mosty “Will be back soon!”. General cutesy stuff.

However, one entry from 1999 caught my eye, and was morally disturbing. Since old people usually come to places like this, I assumed the average age of most of the comments were from people 50 to 60 years of age and from out of state of course. For his sake, I won’t disclose this person’s name, but it was from a guy and the content of his message was enough to make any sane man flip out on mental images.

And I quoteth “I don’t know if I should say this or not, but the salsa gives sex a run for its money.” Mmmm, nothing better than an image of some 60 year old guy naked after eating that whole jar of the salsa provided. Even worse, a 60 year old guy banging his 60 year old wife while eating that salsa. Right there I should have stopped reading, but I guess I had to finish it.

“I was enjoying a nice skinny dip in the lake until ‘da gator showed up!” No bullshit. This is what was written in this little book full of things saying “We loved the alligator!” and “Will be back soon!”. Now, not only is the salsa tarnished by naked 60 year old men, the view of the lake now holds a very dark secret. If you let your eyes get sleepy, and look at the lake, I bet you can see this man enjoying himself in that lake.


Infiltration by RFSHQ!

Update: RFSHQ forum user Pediatric Gynecologist paid a visit to The Habitat and left them a message in the book.

– Dracophile