Treasure Hunting


Imagine a Zelda fanfare with a missed note.

Metal detectors, treasure maps, and rumor mills are really interesting; but they tend to… suck. Metal detectors get aggrivating when all you find are pennies and chains. Treasure maps are bullshit. Pirates wouldn’t be that stupid as to leave a big ass red “X” where something is hidden. That’s screaming out “Hey dipshit over here! Dig here! On the X!”. Rumors… do I really need to even verify those?

Nothing beats good ol’ locker hunting at school! When I say locker hunting, I mean opening lockers that don’t belong to you, namely the ones with broken locks that anyone can open. Some people like to go out and buy a combo lock and use it on these, since the school’s combo locks are never correct. It’s all in their scheme to get everyone tardy for class so everyone ends up in detention so the teachers get to sit around and play games all day.

RFSHQ forum user [b]Dinglebats[/b] and I went around locker hunting when lo and behold I found something besides textbooks and rotten burritos. I found a crack pipe. I shit you not, I found a crack pipe. So I did what anyone else would do. I took a picture and wrote about it on the Internet.

The first time I opened the locker I immediately shut it and thought “did I really see that”, and then opened it again. Then I laughed my ass off. I told Dinglebats to get his over here and check out what I found. He laughed too. Then I took pictures of it. And for the record, no I did not take it. And…. I swear it’s not mine. Even though I openly crack jokes (pun intended) I don’t use them.

Stay drug free or else I will find your crack pipes and make fun of you.

– Dracophile