Sir, There’s a Penis in My Fence


When you see it…

My high school is obsessed with football. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. I never show up at the pep rallies. I hate preppies. Those sluts get all the attention. Schools today never focus on the everyday people that attend their hell holes. People like me. People like RFSHQ forumer [b]kickedsomeass[/b]. We’re in Art. There’s no pictures of Art in the yearbook, but there’s 20 pages of cheerleader shit. You think maybe just one of those pages could maybe have something besides pom poms and people in mascot suits?

[Editor’s Note: “kickedsomeass” is Twilight Foundry alum K.S.A.]

God damn, I hate that. I hate football. On game days I purposely wear the other team’s colors to school. Our school’s motto is “Bad To The Bone”, how original. They even have it printed on little dog bones, get it? Get it? It’s funny (no it’s not). Sometimes for big games, like Homecoming, the whole damn school goes in overdrive to be all hyped up over one fucking football game that’s just as boring as the one last week and will suck as much as the one next week.


This didn’t make the yearbook.

The decorating staff puts paper cups in the fencing to look like a dog bone for the “Bad to the bone” motto. It’s annoying. Apparently someone else thinks the same way. They punched out some of the cups and made the dog bone into a bone-ER. Very creative. I thought it was pretty damn funny. I also didn’t think the school knew it had a 4 foot long penis on their fence, which was even more funny than the fact there was a penis on the fence to begin with.

I gladly took pictures of the occurrence to post here, before it was taken down. Apparently the school just doesn’t like our humor today. What a bummer.

– Dracophile